What Grade Is On Your Year End Report Card?

If you were to earn a grade for 2017, which grade would you earn? Were an you an A+ student of life this year? It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and discover your year end report card!

Question 1/10
What was your New Year's resolution?
To lose weight
To adventure more
To find love
To try new things
To change careers

Question 2/10
How long did you keep your resolution?
All year
6 months
6 weeks
A few days

Question 3/10
Did you experience any of these life changes?
Giving birth
Getting a new job
Moving houses
Ending a relationship

Question 4/10
How would you describe your current financial situation?
Money is not even on my mind.
I'm pretty comfortable.
It's paycheck to paycheck.
I could use more.

Question 5/10
How would you describe your current love life?
I'm in a loving relationship.
I'm in a complicated relationship
I'm dating .
I'm single and loving it.
I'm trying to find the right person.

Question 6/10
How would you describe your current work situation?
I love my job!
I hate my job.
My job is just a job.
I'm looking to change careers.

Question 7/10
Did you take a vacation this year?
I took more than one.
I took a big vacation this year.
I took a few weekend trips.
I didn't go anywhere.

Question 8/10
How often do you see your family?
I see them everyday.
I see them once a week.
I see them every month or so.
I see them on holidays.
I never see them.

Question 9/10
How do you spend the majority your free time?
Hanging out with friends
Watching TV or playing video games
Working out
I don't have any free time

Question 10/10
Who do you vent your problems to?
My therapist
My family
My friends
My dog
You've earned an A+ for this year! In 2017, you did your best to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. You learned, grew, adventured, and made your life even better than it was in the year prior. Though there were some shaky moments, you recovered quickly and always found a silver lining.

You've earned a B+ for this year! In 2017, you did your best to check a few boxes off of your bucket list and improve yourself as a person. You took on new challenges, overcame limitations, and found true happiness. You learned just how strong you are and how much you can accomplish. Here's to an A+ 2018!

You earned a C+ for 2017! Okay, so you weren't exactly an A+ student, but you demonstrated strength, resiliency, and a true knack for overcoming challenge. Though this year didn't always go your way, it helped you to grow as a person and embrace change. Next year, you'll be all the better because of your life in 2017.

You earned a D+ for 2017! Hey, don't get so down about your lower marks, you gave this year everything you had and it didn't exactly treat you kindly. Remember, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Try not to sweat the small stuff next year and step outside of your comfort zone. There's a whole world of opportunities waiting for you!