What Is The Hidden Meaning Of Your Life?

Every life has a hidden meaning beyond what we think we know. Do you think you know the hidden meaning of your life? Take these 10 questions and find out what your hidden meaning is.

Question 1/10
What activity gives you the most fulfillment?
Spending time with family
Making a big stride at work
Spending time perfecting my look
Partaking in cultural traditions

Question 2/10
How important is your heritage to you?
Very important
Somewhat important
I'm not very concerned about it

Question 3/10
Which is a better feeling, being full after a delicious meal or reaching a long term goal?
Being full after a meal
Reaching a goal
Both are great in different ways

Question 4/10
As a child, what did you often daydream about?
Having a family
Being a famous author
Visiting my families home country
Being a stylist
Being an architect

Question 5/10
What is your favorite month of the year?

Question 6/10
How important is having a successful career to you?
Very important
Not as important as raising a family
Somewhat important
It's important for money but not for well being

Question 7/10
What gives you strength?
My family and friends
My art
Making others feel good
Sharing an experience with someone I love
Doing great work

Question 8/10
What is your favorite type of flower?
Morning glory

Question 9/10
Where do you feel most at home?
In my house
At the beach
At work
In a studio
It depends on the day

Question 10/10
What is your favorite quiet activity?
Board games
Surfing the internet
Taking a walk
The hidden meaning of your life is family. While every person's meaning will inevitably change as they experience new things and grow older, family will always be the greatest part of your meaning. You garner strength and wisdom from the people you surround yourself with.

The hidden meaning of your life is your career. While a career is not necessarily the greatest piece of the puzzle that is you, it plays an important role in your story. It changes and challenges you in ways other things cannot. You garner a great sense of strength from the work you do.

The hidden meaning of your life is tradition. You find immense value in the cultural tradition of your ancestry. Your job here is to keep that tradition alive in a new generation. To foster it, keep it safe, and help it to grow with each person that comes after you.

The hidden meaning of your life is art. Some of us are born to be artists. To create beautiful pieces out of nothing and to share that beauty with the world. There is meaning and purpose in sharing your creations. They help others to feel a range of emotions while also filling a deep well within you.

The hidden meaning of your life is to be unique. Your job in this life is to demonstrate what it means to be unique, creative, and unabashedly yourself. You gain fulfillment from the life you choose to lead. The way you dress, the work you do, and the people you surround yourself with. You lead by example and change others in the process.