What Is Your Feminine Strength?

What makes you invincible?

Question 1/10
Do you love helping out others even if you know it may not be noticed?
No I don't

Question 2/10
Which of these is most important to you?
Presenting a good moral example
Fighting for freedom
Protecting my loved ones
Offering guidance
I'm not sure

Question 3/10
Would you say you wear your heart on your sleeve?
Not at all
Yes I do

Question 4/10
Which do you believe is most important for successful human interaction?

Question 5/10
How do you hope others see you?
As wise and experienced
As brave and fearless
As honest and loyal
As humble and charming

Question 6/10
What is your biggest flaw?
I can be vengeful
I'm a perfectionist
I worry too much about others
I act recklessly sometimes
I'm not sure

Question 7/10
Which of the following sentences apply to you?
I try to remain positive
I believe everything turns out okay in the end
I try to be nice and friendly to everyone
I like honesty

Question 8/10
Which do you look towards?
The past
The present
The future

Question 9/10
What have you been complimented for?
My determination
For my stamina
For my generosity

Question 10/10
How are you in the face of a crisis?
Looking for a solution
Your feminine strength is none other than courage. You're not one to shy away from any situation. You take risks head on because you know that sometimes you have to risk everything in order to succeed. You're an ambitious person who strives for their dreams.

Your feminine strength is trust! You tend to believe in people wholeheartedly and you doubt any ill intentions from them. You have a friendliness and honesty about you that many envy. You live your life in harmony and appreciate everything you have.

Your feminine strength is kindness! You go out of your way to help others and it shows what a big heart you have. It makes you feel good when you see people's faces light up with a smile. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you have a open honesty with everyone you meet.

Your feminine strength is none other than graciousness. You have a charm about you that many people don't have. You have an attitude that has no problem winning over the hearts of others. You know that a little affection or a small compliment can go a long way

Your feminine strength is ambition! You look towards your goals with a determination that many cant rival. You're a fighter who knows that succeeding in life that takes a lot of motivation and drive. Once you have a plan, there is no stopping you.