What Kind Of Anxiety Do You Have?

Everyone gets anxious sometimes, but what type of anxiety do you actually have? Take these 10 quiz questions and discover what kind of anxiety you might be suffering from!

Question 1/10
When do you feel the most at peace?
When I'm at home.
When I've accomplished something.
When I'm in control.
When I know what to expect.

Question 2/10
What time of day does your anxiety strike?
It varies

Question 3/10
Which beverage do you find most comforting?
Hot chocolate

Question 4/10
How do you feel about public speaking?
It's terrifying.
It's okay, but not great.
I love it!

Question 5/10
Do you tend to focus more on the past, the present, or the future?
The past
The present
The future

Question 6/10
Who do you go to for support?
My family
My significant other
My pet
My friends

Question 7/10
Is your bedroom always neat or pretty messy?
It's always neat!
It's neat sometimes.
It's typically very messy.
It varies.

Question 8/10
Which outdoor activity sounds appealing to you?
None of these

Question 9/10
When you feel anxious, you always...
Find it difficult to breath
Get red in the face
Have racing thoughts

Question 10/10
Do you like to stick to a routine?
This quiz revealed that you have performance anxiety! You absolutely hate getting up in front of others, giving presentations, or working under pressure. You tend to worry most about failure or embarrassment, often letting your mind wander to the worst case scenario!

Performance Anxiety
This quiz revealed that you have social anxiety! For you, social situations can be highly panic inducing situations. You tend to worry about saying the wrong things, embarrassing yourself, or generally feeling awkward around others. You much prefer a night in on your own than a night out on the town mingling with strangers.

Social Anxiety
This quiz revealed that you have a bit of OCD! You often feel the need to be in control of your environment and tend to fixate on certain things. You hate when you can't predict or know what's going to happen and you certainly hate to go into the unknown.

This quiz revealed that you have a bit of general anxiety! You tend to feel anxious about the unpredictable nature of life and hate when you can't be in control of a situation. You often worry about the future and things that are out of your hands. Sometimes, you just can't help but let your mind wander!

General Anxiety