What Kind Of Chef Are You?

Where does your culinary expertise come from?

Question 1/10
What type of cookie is your favorite?
Chocolate chip
Snicker doodles
All of them

Question 2/10
Which dish would you like to attempt (or already have) try to make?
Bread from scratch
Créme brûlée
Pasta from scratch
Cream puffs

Question 3/10
Pick a gadget to cook with
Slow cooker
Pizza stone
Ice cream maker

Question 4/10
Pick a food fad
Bacon everything
I don't care for food fads
Locally sourced
Gluten free

Question 5/10
Pick a city to eat in
New Orleans
New York
Los Angeles

Question 6/10
What kind of food do you enjoy cooking?
Baked goods
Something new and unique
Home made meals
Something creative
I'm not sure

Question 7/10
Favorite spice?
I don't have a favorite

Question 8/10
What do you aspire to do with cooking?
Create something new
Create a business out of it
Taste the foods of the world
To share my food with the world
Create food for loved ones

Question 9/10
You have a dinner planned for a celebration. Where do you plan to go?
Some exotic restaurant
Create something at home
Just order some takeout
Go to my favorite restaurant
I'm not sure

Question 10/10
What makes a great chef to you?
Artistic Flair
Love for the food
A great sense of taste
All of the above
You have a love for food and business which gave you the idea to combine them. You're a creative and organized person who's a bit of a risk taker. You can't wait until you open a business that surrounds food.

The Entrepreneur
You have a taste for all of the foods around the world. You are adventurous and love meeting new people and you want to see what kind of food people around the world can offer.

The Traveller
You have a creative mind that never stops coming up with ideas. You have big dreams and hope one day to make a huge change in the culinary world.

You are someone who loves food and anything about it excites you. You have a great interest in anything that surrounds food. Food is practically your life.

You are someone who has an interest in food but maybe not in a professional way. You love to just be in your kitchen creating food for loved ones.