What Kind Of Daughter In Law Are You Actually?

You might think you're the picture perfect daughter in law, but what kind of daughter in law are you really? Are you ready to reveal the truth? Take these 10 quiz questions and discover your daughter in law personality type.

Question 1/10
It's your mother in law's birthday, what do you do?
Send a text message.
Have flowers delivered.
Bake her a cake.
Say "happy birthday" on Facebook.
Book her a spa day.

Question 2/10
Your mother in law keeps giving you tips on how to parent, what do you do?
Take them in stride.
Tell her you don't need any parenting tips.
Eagerly accept them.
Tell her to back off.
Keep them in mind for next time.

Question 3/10
Does your significant other have any sisters?
They do, but they're not around much.

Question 4/10
You've been feeling under the weather and can use some help. Who do you ask for a hand?
My mother in law of course!
My own mom.
I hire a cleaning service.
I just attempt to do it all myself.
I urge my spouse to pitch in more.

Question 5/10
Your mother in law is retiring. How do you celebrate the occasion?
I help throw her a party.
I ask her if she can watch the kids more often now.
I send her a card.
I book her a trip.
I secretly worry she'll bother me even more now.

Question 6/10
Your mother in law stopped talking to you without an explanation. What do you do?
Confront her about it.
Simply accept it for what it is.
Try and get back on her good side.

Question 7/10
You want to raise your kids vegetarian, but your MIL says no. What do you do?
Raise them vegetarian anyway.
Take her feelings into account, but explain how I feel.
Allow the kids to choose.

Question 8/10
Do you split the good holidays evenly between your parent's and your spouses's parents?

Question 9/10
Do you ever see your MIL as a threat?
Not really.
More often than not.

Question 10/10
Do you think you're the partner your in laws would have chosen for their child?
You're the competitive daughter in law! You tend to see your mother in law as a direct source of stress and competition. You just can't help but feel as if you live in her shadow and need to find a way to step out into the light. Chill out and remember that your spouse chose you to spend his life with. There's room for both of you!

The Competitive Daughter In Law
You're the picture perfect daughter in law! Not only does your mother in law treat you as well as she would her own daughter, but you always come through with the perfect gift, comment, and advice. You're well loved and totally respected. You know that you reap what you sow in life and so you always give everyone your best!

The Perfect Daughter In Law
You're the passive aggressive daughter in law! You have a pretty up and down relationship with your mother in law. Sometimes it works and other times you're sending passive aggressive texts to help get your point across. As a strong woman, you tend to see things from only your own point of view. Let your guard down and you'll find a better relationship with your mother in law!

The Passive Aggressive
You're the eager to please daughter in law! You're the type of daughter in law who is always looking for a way to impress and please your in laws. Whether it's cooking up a big meal, taking on new responsibilities, or offering help even when you don't have time, you'd do anything to have a good relationship with your mother in law.

The Eager To Please Daughter In Law
You're the inclusive daughter in law! You're the type who never excludes your in laws or leaves them out of important family events. You always invite them on family trips, share the kids, and spend time with them on every major holiday. Because of this, your in laws respect you and love you dearly!

The Inclusive Daughter In Law