What Kind Of Redneck Woman Are You?

Think there's only one type of redneck woman? Think again! Are you the type of redneck woman who loves to start fights? Do you drink more Bud Light than water? You may be a very specific type of redneck! Let's find out which redneck stereotype you're actually most like.

Question 1/10
What kind of vehicle do you drive?
A regular truck
A truck with a lift kit
A lifted jeep
A car

Question 2/10
How many pairs of denim cut offs do you own?
1-2 pairs
3-4 pairs
5-6 pairs
7-10 pairs
Too many to count!

Question 3/10
It's a nice summer evening, you're probably kicking back with a....
Sweet tea
Bud light
Whiskey w/ cola

Question 4/10
Which game meat tastes the best?
I don't eat game meats!

Question 5/10
How are your hunting skills?
I've never been hunting.
I'm an excellent shot.
I'm pretty much a pro.
I'm more of a forager.
I'm pretty decent, still learning.

Question 6/10
Which singer do you like most?
Dolly Parton
Trace Adkins
Brad Paisley
Johnny Cash
Kacey Musgraves

Question 7/10
What kind of shoes do you wear most often?
Rubber boots
Flip flops
Work boots

Question 8/10
Are you the patriotic type?
Heck yeah, I'd die for this country!
More patriotic than most.
I'm definitely a total patriot.
America first!
Nah, not my thing.

Question 9/10
What sport do you like most?
I despise sports!

Question 10/10
Do you have any broken vehicles on your lawn?
How'd you know?
Of course, I might need those later!
There used to be...
One..try two!
Nope, not on my lawn.
You're the Daisy Duke wearing redneck! You've got more pairs of cut off jean shorts than Daisy Duke herself. A bit of a drama queen, you never fear confrontation and definitely aren't afraid to throw down over a guy. You're scrappy, confident, and always willing to stand by your lifestyle.

The Daisy Duke Redneck
You're a Southern Pride redneck! You're the type of gal who is proud of her heritage and the place she calls home. You'll always defend the South as if you're defending your own child. Outspoken and opinionated, you're not afraid to say what's on your mind!

The Southern Pride Redneck
You're the flirty redneck! Short shorts, a crop top, and a flannel shirt are the tools in your flirty toolbox. You live to flirt with the local guys, go to parties, and simply lead a pretty crazy life. You own more pairs of cowboy boots than an actual cowboy and know how to wrap any boy around your finger!

The Flirty Redneck
You're the beer guzzling redneck! A six pack of Bud Light is no match for you! You can hang with the boys, go muddin' and slam a beer in under a minute. You're a tom boy who embraces your southern roots, lives with pride, and isn't afraid to kick back with the dudes.

The Beer Guzzling Redneck
You're the barefoot redneck! You're the type of redneck who loves to walk around barefoot and show off your Southern pride. Loud, opinionated, and always down to party- you never shy away from a chance to have a good time or hang with your pals.

The Barefoot Redneck