What Life Stage Are You In Psychologically?

Throw age aside and think about your life psychologically. Which life stage are you currently in? Are you a full blown adult who has accepted things as they are? Are you secretly still a child? Take this mind bending quiz and discover the truth.

Question 1/10
Which obligation do you hate the most?
Doing taxes.
Cleaning the house.
Sending thank you cards.
Answering emails.
Mowing the lawn.

Question 2/10
Someone at work brought in cookies. Which is your favorite?
Chocolate chip
Peanut butter

Question 3/10
If you won the lottery, would you take the lump sum or the broken down payments over time?
The lump sum, give me all the money!
The broken down payments.
I'm not sure, it depends.

Question 4/10
What do others admire you for?
My compassion.
My sense of adventure.
My sense of duty.
My honesty.
My sense of humor.

Question 5/10
Upon waking, who or what do you think of first?
My family
School or work
My to-do list
My aching back
My pet

Question 6/10
When getting dressed in the morning, you are most focused on...
Looking good.
Impressing others.
Being comfortable.
Dressing for the weather.
Being put together.

Question 7/10
It's pizza night! What toppings will you add to your pie?
Ham and pineapple.
Just cheese.
Lots of veggies.
Sausage or bacon.
Spinach and mushrooms.

Question 8/10
At the end of a long day, all you really want is to...
Be left alone.
Spend time with others.
Relax and unwind.
Catch up on my shows.
Hit the hay.

Question 9/10
Do you believe in the law of attraction (attracting good things into your life by thought alone)?

Question 10/10
What's your friend circle like?
I have lots and lots of friends.
I have a few close friends I know I can count on.
I have a big group of friends.
I have one or two best friends.
Many of my friends moved on.
Psychologically, you're in the childhood stage of your life! Right now, you're not the type to take responsibility for your actions or let yourself feel forlorn over doing the wrong thing. Even when you find yourself in a bind, people still give you the benefit of the doubt due to your sweet personality and good natured soul. At your core, you don't like to work and hate making plans or firm commitments. You just want to have fun and do what feels good in the moment, even if it means feeling like a child rather than an adult.

Psychologically speaking, you're in the adolescent stage of your life. Right now, you're at a place where you hate being told what to do. You always have a witty comeback on the tip of your tongue and have truly mastered the art of the eye role. Nothing really impresses you or hits you hard, nor do you care much about family. A bit obsessed with social media, you can't help but feel glued to your accounts, often checking them every few minutes. A rebel at heart, you're outspoken and youthful in everything you do.

Psychologically speaking, you're in the young adult stage of your life. You're at a place where the world feels big and a bit confusing. You're not quite sure what to do with your life or how to proceed. Suddenly, there is pressure where there used to be very little care or concern. At the moment, your friends are more like your family, yet no one can replace your family in terms of feeling secure or comforted. You're figuring things out as you go and hoping for the best.

Young Adult
Psychologically speaking, you're in the middle age stage of your life! With a renewed sense of confidence and purpose, you truly feel at home in your skin for the very first time. All of the insecurities and anxieties of youth are gone, as you've settled into who you are and your true purpose in life. While you may feel a bit scared of what's yet to come, you've learned to lean into the now and embrace this adventure called life.

Middle Age
Psychologically speaking, you're in the elderly stage of your life! At this point, you feel chock full of wisdom and a sense of who you are. No longer do you focus on being the best or having the most, but rather making memories with those you love. You don't feel the need to impress others nor do you worry about what anyone thinks. You are who you are and you've earned your place in the world.