What % Of Your Brain Is Ruled By The Past?

Despite living in the presents, our brains often can't help but get stuck in the past. Whether it's past memories or even nostalgia, what percent of your brain is being ruled by the past? Can you move forward and look the future? The answer may not be what you think.

Question 1/10
Which of these words would you use to describe your childhood?

Question 2/10
When you meet someone new, you can't help but bring up...
Stories from college.
Stories from high school.
Current events or politics.
My childhood.

Question 3/10
If a friend betrayed your trust long ago, would you forgive her?
If she apologized.
Absolutely, there's no use dwelling on it.
It depends on what she did.
No, probably not.

Question 4/10
What tends to bring up nostalgic memories in you?

Question 5/10
Lying in bed at night, you can't help but think about...
That embarrassing thing I did one time.
A conversation I had a while back.
What I need to do the next day.
The TV show I just watched.
That special someone in my life.

Question 6/10
Out of these websites, which one do you spend the most time on?
Something else

Question 7/10
You don't think you'll feel complete until....
I meet someone special.
I have a family.
I'm successful.
I let go of my past.
I move away.

Question 8/10
What is your favorite genre of movie to watch?

Question 9/10
If you were having trouble making a decision, what would you do?
Think about mistakes I've made before.
Call up a friend.
Make a pro/con list.
Just do what feels right.
Spend a few days thinking about it.

Question 10/10
When it comes to money, you are...
Very stingy.
A big frugal.
I like to spend.
I save a little.
I'm all about instant gratification.
Right now, you're a bit stuck in the past. You just can't seem to shake what has happened or let go of things that no longer matter. Your brain is stuck thinking about and mulling over the past far more than it thinks about the present or future. While it's nice to reflect every now and again, your brain just won't let you move on!

At this very moment, you're probably thinking about something that happened in the past. Be it a nice memory of a birthday or a bad memory of a breakup; your brain is often stuck in the past. Though you'd like to live more in the "now" or focus on the present, your brain is steeped in nostalgia and longing for a time that's already happened.

Most of the time, you're stuck in the here and now, enjoying what's right in front of you. But sometimes, your brain takes a trip back in time and you're stuck in the past. While it is nice to remind and reflect, you can't let the past come back to haunt you. Remind your brain that you can't look back because you're not going that way!

While you might occasionally look back on the past or reflect, most of the time, you're firmly footed right in the present. You learned long ago that getting stuck on the past is a waste of time. What's happened, has happened. All you can do is learn from what has been and move forward with more knowledge than before!

Not only is your brain never stuck on the past, but you hardly ever think back to what was. You think looking back is a waste of time. After all, there's no time machine that's going to transport you to a better place and time. Instead, you focus on the present. After all, that's the only certainty you have!