What Percentage Feminist Are You?

Are you for woman's rights?

Question 1/10
Do you believe men and women are equal?
Yes I do
In most aspects
No they're not

Question 2/10
Do you believe men and women deserve the same political rights?
Of course
I'm unsure
No they don't

Question 3/10
Do you think women should be allowed into the working world?
No, they should stay at home
It depends
Yes they should

Question 4/10
Do you believe woman deserve equal pay to their male counterparts?
Of course
No I don't

Question 5/10
Do you believe woman and girl everywhere deserve access to education?
Yes I do
It depends
No I don't

Question 6/10
How do you feel about jokes that demean women?
I hate them
It depends on how serious the topic
They're just jokes so there is no harm
I love them

Question 7/10
Do you believe men have a right to catcall women?
Only as a joke
I think it's fine

Question 8/10
Is there ever a right moment to hit a women?
Only if she hit you first
You can hit her anytime

Question 9/10
Do you believe woman's rights are human's rights?
Yes I do
No I don't

Question 10/10
Do you believe woman deserve the same respect as men?
Of course
It depends
Not at all
You believe in equal rights and you will fight for it. You believe woman and men should have the same equal circumstances no matter the situation.

100% Feminist
You believe that it's important for females to have equal rights. There are a few things you don't agree with but you're for it almost 100%.

95% Feminist
There's definitely some things you don't agree with but you believe that men and women should be equal in most circumstances.

90% Feminist
There's a few things that you believe woman are superior in but you agree with equality for the most part. You will fight for equality until you achieve it.

80% Feminist
You're not really a big supporter in feminism. You understand that equal rights are important but you don't believe men and women are equal in all regards.

50% Feminist