What Should You Buy Yourself Next Month?

How should you treat yourself?

Question 1/10
Do you like being pampered?

Question 2/10
Are you trendy?
Yes, I follow all the trends
I follow some trends
I am not trendy

Question 3/10
Do you like make-up?
Yes, I love make-up
Make-up is okay
I don't wear make-up

Question 4/10
Do you have a lot of make-up?
I have more than enough
I have an average amount
I don't have any

Question 5/10
Are most of your tech gadgets old or new?
About 50/50

Question 6/10
Do you like staying up-to-date?
It depends
Not really

Question 7/10
Do you like making your house look nice?
When guests are coming over
No, it's a mess and I like it that way

Question 8/10
Do you like decorating?
I love decorating
Kind of, but I'm not good at it
Not at all

Question 9/10
Are you careful with money?
I save every penny
I spend every penny

Question 10/10
Have you ever splurged on something expensive?
You deserve to be pampered and if no one is going to do it for you, you just have to do it yourself. Buying new clothes and wearing that brand new outfit just boosts your confidence like nothing else.

Sometimes you want to splurge on make-up and just doll yourself up. Make-up can be quite expensive and you can't always afford it. That's not to say you have to buy expensive make-up! You can always find good deals in cheaper makeup that's just as good.

Sometimes all you need is a new upgraded gadget. You love having the newest things in technology and you're always looking forward to see what advancements will come out next.

You can always use new things to spruce up your house and you're looking forward to buying those things next month. Whether you're buying furniture or something else, you'll definitely be looking forward to it though.

Home Goods
There's always been that one item that you've lusted over for ages but it's just too expensive for you. You should make next month your month though and splurge on that thing you've always wanted.

That Expensive Item You've Always Wanted