What Will Your Tell All Book Be Titled?

If you were to write a tell all book recalling your life, what would it be called? Take these 10 questions and find out what your future tell all book would be call. How salacious!

Question 1/10
First things first, who would your dedicate your book to?
My significant other
My friends
My parents
My mailman
My therapist

Question 2/10
Who would you task with writing the foreword to your book?
My elementary school teacher
Oprah Winfrey
Kim Kardashian
Diane Sawyer

Question 3/10
At what part of your life would your tell all book begin?
In my teens
In my 20s
In my 30s
In my 40s
At the age I am now

Question 4/10
How are you most likely to promote your tell all?
On the talk show circuit
On a book tour
On YouTube
Social Media
Word of Mouth

Question 5/10
Would you appear on the cover of your own book?
I'd consider it

Question 6/10
Will you bring up any of your family members in your book?
Of course, they're part of the story!
Yes, but I'd change their names.
No way, I'd leave family out of it.
I'd consider it.

Question 7/10
Which moment would you definitely include in your book?
When my crush broke my heart
When my fourth husband left me
When I first discovered kimonos
When I learned how to drive

Question 8/10
How would your parents feel about your book?
Proud I guess.
A little betrayed.

Question 9/10
Who would you thank in the acknowledgement section?
My pets
My significant other
My family
My best friends
The internet

Question 10/10
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
5 to 10 minutes
15-20 minutes
30-40 minutes
40 minutes to an hour
Based on this quiz, your tell all book will be titled a "Journey in Time!" Your life has been full of some very interesting ups and downs. In fact, few people have had a life like yours. Your book chronicles every twist, turn, and moment that made you exactly who you are today.

A Journey In Time
Your tell all book will be titled "A Few Bumps In The Road!" Not only will your book be a comedy, but it will focus on how all of the "bad" and "interesting" things that occurred in your life were actually for the better. After all, who wants to read about a boring totally normal life?

A Few Bumps In The Road
Your tell all book will be titled "Taking the Long Way!" For a long time, you wondered where you would end up given that you took the long way and did things quite a bit differently than your friends or peers. This book chronicles exactly why you needed to take the long way and were better because of it.

Taking The Long Way
Based on the results of this quiz, your self titled book will be called "All of My Lovers!" This scandalous book would chronicle all of your lovers and relationships. From the short and sweet to the long and dramatic, you're not going to hold anything back!

All Of My Lovers
The title of your tell all book will be "What Were My Publisher's Thinking?" Your humorous book will chronicle the many twists and turns of your time on earth. From the failed relationships to the failed jobs to every awkward occurrence in between. You're not going to hold anything back!

What Were My Publishers Thinking?