What’s Going To Happen To You This Autumn?

Do you know what's going to happen to you this autumn? Will you fall in love or get a promotion? Win the lottery or move states? Take these 10 questions and find out just what's in store for you this autumn!

Question 1/10
Are you currently in a relationship?
It's complicated

Question 2/10
How do you feel about change?
It's a necessary catalyst
It's something that's out of my control
I absolutely hate change

Question 3/10
How long does it typically take you to respond to a text message?
A couple of minutes
About an hour
Several hours

Question 4/10
In your opinion, risks are.......
Worth taking
Terrifying but necessary
Completely unnecessary

Question 5/10
What's a part of your five year plan?
Start a family
Expand my education
Change jobs
Move somewhere new

Question 6/10
Who do you think knows you best?
My best friend
My siblings
MY parents
My significant other
No one knows me better than I know myself

Question 7/10
Do you carry a lot of regrets with you?
I have a few

Question 8/10
What's your favorite day of the week?

Question 9/10
Do you prefer the company of others or to be alone?
I like to spend time alone
I like to spend time with others
It depends on the day

Question 10/10
Do you believe that anything can happen?
I have mixed feelings
This autumn you're going to fall in love! There's no doubt about it, love is on the way! Up until this point, you've struggled to find the right person for you. Despite countless dates and missed connections, you're about to find the love of your life!

You're Going To Fall In Love
This autumn you're going to win the lottery! All of that hoping and praying is about to pay off! Not only are you going to be able to quit your job and live your dreams, but you'll never have to worry about money for the rest of your life. How freeing is that?

You're Going To Win The Lottery
This fall you're going to move to a new state! Is there any time of the year that's better than the fall to make a big life change? We think not. You're finally going to take a risk and move somewhere new. You'll find that your new digs suit you better than any home has in the past!

You're Going To Move To A New State
This fall you're going to get a promotion! All of the long hours and hard work are about to pay off in a big way. Not only are you going to get a promotion, but you're going to receive a considerable pay bump as well. We think you're on your way to bigger and better things!

You're Going To Get Promotion
This fall you're going to find a lifelong friend! Really good friends aren't easy to come by, but you're about to find more than a few. Despite struggling to find good friends, you're about to meet the best one you've ever had. Brace yourself for what will surely be a beautiful new relationship!

You're Going To Find A Lifelong Friend