When Should You Go If Time Machines Are Invented?

Usually, the question is, "Where should you go?" but with time machines the question is now "When?" Do you belong in the middle ages or would you be happier if you lived just a few decades ago? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
When was the best time in your life?
My childhood
My teenage years
My current years

Question 2/10
How much technology do you need to be happy?
All of it
I would be okay with just some technology
I don't need any technology to be happy

Question 3/10
Do you have any regrets?
Yes, but only small ones
Yes, big ones

Question 4/10
Would you want to change history by going back in time?
I don't know

Question 5/10
Would you rather study history or make history?

Question 6/10
You would rather go...
10 years in the past
100 years in the past
1000 years in the past

Question 7/10
Would you make a current invention in the past and claim it as your own?
I don't know

Question 8/10
Would you go to the future if it meant not remembering the time you skipped?
Only if I only skipped a little time

Question 9/10
You are a...
Neither, I just get out of the way

Question 10/10
Would you use your time machine for good or evil?
If you had a time machine, we bet that you would want to go back to your childhood. Sure, you wouldn't actually be a child again, but you could relive the years through your older frame of mind. It's sure to be different from how you remember it, which can always be interesting!

The Years Of Your Childhood
We guess that you would like to go back to the Industrial Revolution if you had a time machine. This period was full of new inventions. It would have been exciting to go back and see all of the new inventions being made. It would be the world's most exciting history lesson!

The Industrial Revolution
We guess that you wouldn't go that far back if you had a time machine. You might go back five minutes or you might go back five years. Either way, we guess that you would want to fix a mistake you made in the past so you could make your present better.

To Fix A Mistake
We guess that you would want to go all of the way back to human civilization. Here, you could make history. You could make all of the inventions for yourself, guide humans in general, and change the entire course of history! don't die from a cold first. If you do go back, good luck.

The Beginning Of Human Civilization
If you had a time machine you wouldn't bother with the past. You would just straight into the future. Will things be bright and shiney or will they be dirty and glum? Only a true time traveler will know. Could that true time traveler be you? Only time will tell...

The Future