Where Should You Live In 5 Years Based On Your Preferences?

Is your perfect home on the beach, or is it far from it? Do you crave for a life in the big city or is a small town what's best for you? Take this quiz to find the perfect place to make your future home!

Question 1/10
Does being near the water make you feel nervous?

Question 2/10
What is your favorite way to get around?
Walking or biking
In a car
In a plane or boat

Question 3/10
Are you an adventerous person?
I'm not sure

Question 4/10
How big does your house need to be for you to be happy?
It doesn't matter how big it is
I need a small or medium sized house
I need a big house

Question 5/10
Do you know how to build a bookshelf?
No, but I know how to build other things

Question 6/10
Which of these are the most important to you?
Being able to take care of myself

Question 7/10
Do you like to travel?
I love to travel
I like to travel
I don't like to travel

Question 8/10
How many kids would you like one day?

Question 9/10
Do you have or want a pet?
I don't have one, but I might want one in the future

Question 10/10
Which of these things make you the happiest?
My family
My job
My freedom
A beachfront home is the place for you! You can wake up every morning to the sound of the waves crashing on the sand nearby. You can swim whenever you want and feel the salty wind on your face. This beautiful place may be more than a fantasy in just five short years.

You Should Live On The Beach
A cabin is the place for you! What many people may consider to be a home away from home may just be the perfect home for you. You can find a place near or in the woods that can be all of your own. Your closest neighbors will be the birds and squirrels. You can be self-sufficient in your home near the trees.

You Should Live In A Cabin
A big city is perfect for you! A small apartment may be your house, but your home will contain all of the sights and sound of the city around you. You will never be bored when you live in a big city. Whether you make your home in New York City or Paris, you'll always have something fun to do.

You Should Live In The Big City
Living in the suburbs might seem like a dream for middle-aged people, but it could be the best place for you to live. The well organized streets, friendly neighbors, and block parties are sure to keep you happy and secure. It's also the perfect place to raise a family!

You Should Live In The Suburbs
There are so many places in the world to see, so there's no reason that you should have to settle on just one. IN your boat you can travel the world, seeing just about anything that you want, as long as it lies on the water, anyway. This is perfect for anyone who is an explorer at heart.

You Should Live On A Boat