Which Gemstone Will Open Your Third Eye?

Your third eye is your potential to see what might be and what is. When your eye is shut, the world is also closed off to you. Which gemstone will help you to open your third eye? Take these quiz questions and find out! After all, your third eye can't remain shut forever!

Question 1/10
Which spa service would you choose?
Hot stone massage
None of these

Question 2/10
What is your current relationship status?
It's complicated

Question 3/10
Could you eat a vegan or vegetarian diet?
Absolutely, I already do.
Probably, it'd be tough at first.
No way, I'm a total meat eater.

Question 4/10
How do you practice self care?
I buy myself things.
I work out.
I eat healthy foods.
I say positive affirmations.
I take time for me.

Question 5/10
Are you a free spirit?
I'm totally a free spirit.
I have my moments.
I prefer to plan things out.
Sometimes I'm a free spirit.

Question 6/10
Do you believe everyone has a soul mate?
Absolutely, but they're not always romantic.
Yes, but they're strictly romantic.
Possibly, I haven't met mine yet.
Nope, it's all random.

Question 7/10
Are you a big risk taker?
Yes, I love to take risks.
Sometimes, but nothing that puts my life endanger.
Nope, I like to play it safe.

Question 8/10
What do you like most about children?
They're open.
They're fun.
They're Imaginative.
They're compassionate.
They color outside the lines.

Question 9/10
Do you read a lot of books?
I read a few books a year.
I read a book a month.
I'm an avid reader.
I hate reading.
I read as much as anyone.

Question 10/10
What kind of music soothes your nerves?
The gemstone that will open your third eye is amethyst! This precious stone is used to open, stimulate, and balance. As a healing stone, Amethyst can off you wisdom, healing, and protection from harm. When your third eye is closed and you seek wisdom, strive to find some Amethyst.

The gemstone that will open your third eye is Moldavite! This precious stone is used to cleanse, stimulate, and balance. Only Moldavite can effectively clear negativity and restore balance back to the entire chakra system. In addition to opening your third eye, it can also promote a new perspective and enhance your ability o recall dreams.

The stone that can help to clear your third eye is Purple Flourite! This precious stone is used to stimulate and balance. While promotion intuition, focus, and mental clarity, this stone also works to dispel negativity. As someone who often feels quite pessimistic, this stone can open up your world and promote true hope/optimism.

Purple Flourite
The stone that can help open your third eye is Black Obsidian! This precious stone is used to stimulate balance and an overall sense of well being. Obsidian is particularly great at expelling negativity, clearing chakra blockages, and enhancing emotional control. If your third eye isn't the only chakra that's blocked, try obsidian.

Black Obsidian