Which Moana Character Are You?

Every character in Moana has a personality that is as unique and shining as the island itself. Do you know which Moana character you're most like? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
What do you think about when you're by yourself?
The beauty of the world
My family and friends
Things I have to do
My pets

Question 2/10
The best kind of stories are....
Tall tales
Stories from the past
Made up

Question 3/10
What's your favorite way to travel?
On foot
By boat
By plane
On bicycle
By train

Question 4/10
When you meet someone new, you can't help but...
Give them a hug
Get to know them
Tell them all about msyelf
Feel shy and reserved
Give them the cold shoulder

Question 5/10
What are you most thankful for in life?
My pets
My belongings
My family
My friends
My spirit

Question 6/10
When the rules aren’t working for you...
I bend the rules
I change the rules
I break the rules
I make new rules
It depends on the situation

Question 7/10
Which of these helps most during a long road trip?
Good music
Good snacks
Good conversation
Having a fun game to play

Question 8/10
When you're having a hard time, you like to...
Be left alone
Spend time with others
Spend time in nature
Spend time with a pet
Go for a walk

Question 9/10
How stubborn are you?
Very stubborn
Somewhat stubborn
Not stubborn at all

Question 10/10
You have a tendency to talk about yourself...
Too much
Not enough
Just enough
The character from Moana that you're most like is Moana! Much like Moana, you're not afraid to stand out from the crowd. You're adventurous, headstrong, fearless, and capable. Though you have a few moments of self doubt from time to time, you also take great pride in who you are and the things you believe in!

The character from Moana that you're most like is Maui! Much like this character, you are boastful, gregarious, and mischievous. You are highly confident and accepting of others. Though you can be a bit devious from time to time, you almost always come around to doing the right thing.

The character from Moana that you're most like is Pua! Much like Pua, you're innocent, playful, supportive, and highly in tune with the feelings of others. There's nothing you wouldn't do to make a friend or loved one feel loved and at ease.

The character from Moana that you're most like is Sina! Much like Sina, you are supportive, warm, nurturing, and totally selfless. There's nothing that you wouldn't do for your family, even if it meant setting own wants and needs to the side. You're caring, big hearted and open to new experiences.

The character from Moana that you're most like is Te Fiti! Much like this character, you are selfless, charitable, forgiving, powerful, nurturing, and radiant. You have a highly nurturing soul and love to care for others. You tend to be very selfless, often doing what you can to help a friend or loved one who is need.

Te Fiti