Which Tea Flavor Fits Your Personality?

What is the flavor of your personality?

Question 1/10
Do people like being around you?
Depends on the person

Question 2/10
Do you look out for others?
All the time, doesn't matter who it is
If it's someone I care about
No, people can look out for themselves

Question 3/10
Are you hot-headed?
Yes, very much so
Only when I'm in a bad mood

Question 4/10
Are you daring?
Yes, I love taking risks
Only when I have to be
No way

Question 5/10
Are you a trendsetter?

Question 6/10
Are you organized?
Yes, I keep everything in order
At work, but not at home
No, I like being messy

Question 7/10
Are you down-to-earth?
Yes, I'm cool as a cucumber
It depends on my mood
No, I'm not

Question 8/10
Are you afraid of change?
Yes, I don't like change
No, I love change
No, change is a part of life

Question 9/10
Are you good at making people feel relaxed?
Sometimes, it depends on the person

Question 10/10
Do you stress easily?
I try not to
You're an uplifting and relaxing type of person that everyone loves to be around. You just have a calming aura that helps others forget their problems. You're always looking out for others and you have quite a sweet personality.

You happen to be a rather bold and confident individual. You get heated very easily especially if someone is bothering your loved ones. You can be a bit daring at times and you also always have brilliant ideas.

You have something exotic about you that just draws in others. You're very versatile and you always seem to be setting trends. You're also quite the organized and punctual person.

You happen to be quite a down to earth person who stays calm in almost any situation. You rarely lose your cool and you're patient with everyone you meet. You live in the present and you're not afraid of change.

Green Tea
You have a soft presence about you that just makes others feel relaxed. You're a very beautiful individual inside and out. You don't stress about things and you take your time living life.