Which Work Situation Is Bad For Your Personality?

Sure, work is meant to be work, but that doesn't mean your job shouldn't be fulfilling! Do you know which work situation is actually bad for your personality? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
You have a project deadline in two weeks. When do you start working on it?
As soon as I receive the assignment.
A few days before it's due.
ThThe night before it's due.

Question 2/10
Is your at home personality way different than your at work personality?

Question 3/10
Are you able to pick up new skills very quickly?

Question 4/10
What kind of schedule do you like?
A flexible schedule that I can work with.
A steadfast schedule that I know in advance.
A schedule that changes depending on the time of year.

Question 5/10
When a friend or loved one gets laid off, you feel...
Sad, they didn't deserve it.
Like they probably did something wrong.
Like the world is unfair.
That I'm glad it wasn't me.

Question 6/10
When you need to make a decision, do you go with your head or your heart?
I go with my head
I go with my heart
It depends on the day

Question 7/10
What do you believe is your best trait?
I'm creative
I'm intelligent
I'm driven
I'm compassionate
I'm loyal

Question 8/10
Your reputation is everything. How would you like to be viewed?
As rude but good at my job.
As likable but lazy.
As caring but bad under pressure.
As ruthless but talented.

Question 9/10
What do you value most in a co-worker?

Question 10/10
Would you prefer to work alone or as a part of a team?
I prefer to be on a team.
I prefer to work alone.
It varies.
The work situation that would be the worst for your personality is working in retail! Working in retail would crush your soul. Dealing with demanding customers, an unpredictable schedule, and less than stellar pay would quickly leave you feeling burnt out and ready for a change of pace!

Working In Retail
The work situation that would be bad for your personality is working in big business! While you're a whip smart and highly ambitious individual, you're far too moral and kind to work in big business. You'd constantly be met with ethical situations, corporate ladder climbers, and long working hours. Not only would you likely have to give up time with your family, but you'd likely be attached to your phone and laptop at all times!

Working In Big Business
The work situation that's bad for your personality is creative writing! While you don't lack anything in the creativity department, it'd be difficult for you to stick to a routine and get things done without a boss looming over your shoulder. As someone who likes to procrastinate and is easily distracted, creative writing is not the career path for you!

Creative Writing
The work situation that's bad for your personality is working in the healthcare field! While you're highly intelligent and capable, the fast paced nature of healthcare would quickly wear you out. With long working hours, needing to be on call, and demanding patients, you'd find yourself overwhelmed and burnt out long before you hit retirement!

Working In Healthcare
The job situation that would be bad for your personality is working in education! Sure, the children are the future, but handling children requires a very certain kind of patience and will power. Though you're smart and capable, you'd become frustrated with demanding parents, school politics, and kids who just don't seem to care.

Working In Education