Which Year Was Your Soul Born?

When was your soul born? Are you an old soul or a new soul? Answer these questions to find out!

Question 1/10
In your dreams you are...
Someone else
I switch between myself and dreaming I am other people

Question 2/10
How often is your sense of intutition right?
All of the time
Some of the time
Hardly ever

Question 3/10
Your friends need advice. What do you do?
Give them the best advice I can
Give them okay advice
Tell them to ask someone else for advice

Question 4/10
Do you think before you speak and act?
No, I just think before I act

Question 5/10
Do you ask a lot of questions?
No, but I answer a lot of questions for others

Question 6/10
On a weekend night you are most likely to be...
Practicing my hobbies
Partying with friends
Spending time with my family

Question 7/10
When you were in school you found history class to be...
Like any other class

Question 8/10
Are you anxious or calm more often?
A mix of both

Question 9/10
There is a new fashion trend. Do you go along with it?
No, I keep wearing what I like
No, I love vintage fashion more than new trends

Question 10/10
Do you respect your elders?
Yes, but only if they respect me
Your soul was born right around the time that you were. Some may say that you have a young soul, but you can tell them that it is just as old as you are!

Your Soul Is As Old As You Are
You have a young soul, but that doesn't mean it is a new soul. Your soul seems to have been used once before. Maybe you had it in a past life, or maybe not. Either way, you still have a young soul.

Your Soul Is A Generation Older Than You
Your soul is 100 years old, which is likely a lot older than you are, but it doens't make it a very old soul. Your soul has probably only been around the Earth a time or two. Either way, you have a pretty young soul!

Your Soul Was Born 100 Years Ago
You have an old soul. It seems to have been been hundreds of years ago. Do you ever feel older than you actually are? Your old soul might be the cause of it!

Your Soul Was Born Hundreds Of Years Ago
Your soul is one of the oldest out there! It seems to be thousands of years old. Your soul has seen the rise and fall of empires, and much more! It's no wonder that you have the personality that you do! You have an extremely old soul!

Your Soul Was Born Thousands Of Years Ago