Could You Survive A Week As Meghan Markle?

It might seem like Meghan Markle has it all, but could you actually survive a week as the new Duchess of Sussex? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out if you could survive one week in her royal shoes!

Question 1/10
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You've arrived at an event to support mental health. A little girl asks for your autograph outside. What do you do?
Give her an autograph, how could I say no?
Give her a hug instead.
Give her a smile and a wave, then walk away.

Question 2/10
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The queen is attending the same event. How do you greet her?
Bow and say "your majesty."
Smile and say good evening "your highness"
Curtsy and smile.

Question 3/10
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At the event, there are many celebrities. Many of which you are a fan of. What do you do?
Introduce myself and make polite chit chat.
Ask if I can take a selfie with them.
Quickly say hello and move along.

Question 4/10
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Your sister-in-law Kate has just entered the room. How do you greet her?
With a polite wave.
With a curtsy.
With a bow.

Question 5/10
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Time to order some food. What will you go with?
Shrimp linguini.
Steak and lobster.
Mussels with marinara.
Roast chicken with heirloom veggies.

Question 6/10
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Even princesses have to do a bit of maintenance. What's your nighttime routine like?
Meditate, take off my makeup, and hit the sack by 9 PM.
Watch some TV and hit the hay around 12 AM.
Read a bit of my book, do a cleansing routine, and then hit the hay at around 10 PM.

Question 7/10
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As a royal, you always have to look proper and put together. Which nail color will you choose at your next manicure?
Pale pink
Light blue

Question 8/10
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Staying in shape is a big deal, how much time will you dedicate to fitness each week?
1 hour each day
30 minutes each day
1 hour 3 days a week
1 hour once a week

Question 9/10
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You've accidentally said the wrong thing and the press is all over it. What do you do?
Release a personal statement of apology.
Shrug it off and hope it goes away.
Call the press pleading with them to kill the story.

Question 10/10
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You're staying at the Queen's palace tonight. When do you go to bed?
Whenever I feel like it.
After the Queen goes to bed.
Around 8 or 9 PM.

You Could Survive A Week As Meghan Markle!
Congratulations, you could survive one week as Meghan Markle! Being a royal might have it's perks, but it's not always a walk in the park. You have go give up a lot of freedom and independence to be a part of the royal family. You've got the grace, the intelligence, and charm to truly lead a royal life. From the upkeep to the pleasantries, being a royal is second nature to you.

You Could Possibly Survive A Week As Meghan Markle!
Well done, you could possibly survive a week as Meghan Markle! Let's face it, being a royal isn't always just tea and crumpets, there's a lot of work and upkeep that goes into keeping up appearances. While you wouldn't love the restrictions on nail color, makeup, clothes, you would still embrace the royal way of life and use your position for good. You might get tired of curtsying, but you could most likely survive one week in this Duchess' shoes!

You Could Not Survive A Week As Meghan Markle!
Whoops, it looks like surviving a week as Meghan Markle would be easier said than done! As an independent free spirit who likes to do things in your own way, all of the royal restrictions would leave you feeling pretty down and out. You'd hate being told who to talk to, how to wear your nails, and looking perfect at all times. Being a royal would exhaust you and challenge you to the core!

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