How Much Like A Texan Woman Are You?

How much do you have in common with the average woman from Texas? If you are actually a woman from Texas, will we be able to guess that? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
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Pick your favorite sport out of these.
I don't like sports

Question 2/10
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You are ordering lunch. What size meal do you get?

Question 3/10
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Now that you've picked the size of your meal, what are you ordering?
Burger and fries

Question 4/10
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Have you ever been to Texas?
I live there
I have visted before
I have never been there

Question 5/10
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A stranger starts to talk to you while you are at the store. What do you do?
I hold a whole conversation to them
I respond with one or two words
I ignore them

Question 6/10
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What do you honestly think of Texas?
It's the best state!
It's just as good as any other state
It's a terrible state

Question 7/10
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Finish the sentence. Everyone from Texas is...
Exactly the same
Completely different from each other
Different in many ways, but being from Texas gives them a common ground

Question 8/10
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Since Texas is so big, it should...
Be its own country
Be devided up into smaller states
Stay the way it is

Question 9/10
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Which of these is the most important to you?

Question 10/10
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Someone insults your home state/country. What do you do?
I argue with them
I agree with them
I don't say or do anything

You Must Be A Woman From Texas
You have so much in common with a woman from Texas that it must mean that you actually are a woman from Texas! If you are not from Texas, maybe it's high time that you move there. You are meant to live there!

You Are A Lot Like A Texan Woman
You have a lot in common with a Texan woman. You don't quite seem like you are actually from Texas, though. You are likely to have a great time if you ever visited Texas. You would be sure to feel right at home!

You Are Somewhat Like A Texan Woman
You are somewhat like a woman from Texas. You have about as much in common with a woman from Texas as you do with a woman from any other state. This means that you have a lot in common with an average American woman. You are sure to have fun whe visiting any of the states.

You Are A Little Like A Texan Woman
You have a little in common with a Texan woman. You would likely have fun if you took a short visit to Texas, but for the most part, you would be happier away from Texas. You might have fun visiting another one of the states, though.

You Are Nothing Like A Texan Woman
You have nothing in common with a woman from Texas. In fact, you are nearly the opposite of one! You are sure to be the happiest when you are far away from Texas, and maybe even far away from the United States itself!

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