How Often Do You Smile?

Can you always be found with a smile on your face?

Can you always be found with a smile on your face?

Question 1/10
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Which is most likely to put a smile on your face ?
Seeing a good deed
Playing a practical joke
Seeing someone you haven't seen in forever
Hearing a joke

Question 2/10
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Which word describes you best?

Question 3/10
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Would you say you're easily amused?
Very. I laugh all the time
Kind of
Not really
Not at all

Question 4/10
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Which would you say you are?
I'm not sure

Question 5/10
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Are you confident in your smile?
Of course
Not really
Not at all

Question 6/10
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How's life treating you currently?
Pretty good
Not the best
Could be better

Question 7/10
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Have you found your other half yet?
Not yet
Yes I have
No and I don't think I will

Question 8/10
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Are you close with your family?
No I'm not
Somewhat close
Very close knit

Question 9/10
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How would you say your social life is?
I have the best friends
I have pretty good company
I have a few friends
Not the best

Question 10/10
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How do you feel about your job?
I love it
It pays the bills
I hate it
It's okay

All The Time

You are someone who just can't help but smile nonstop. You're a cheery person and that kind of happiness is infectious.

While you may not have a constant smile, you smile pretty often. You may not smile often but you're usually always in a good mood.

Pretty Often
You can usually be found with a smile on your face! Usually the only time you're not smiling is when you're in a bad mood.

Not Very Often
You're not one who tends to smile often. The thing is though, when you smile, it easily brightens up the whole room. People can't help but smile when they see yours.

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