What Is Something That Is Bullshit, That Everyone Should Know About?

What is something that everyone just falls for?

Question 1/10
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Would you consider yourself gullible?
Yes I would
I can be sometimes
I wouldn't say I am

Question 2/10
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Do you find yourself questioning life often?
Yes I do
Sometimes I do
No I don't

Question 3/10
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Do you believe in astrology?
Yes I do
No I don't

Question 4/10
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Do you believe you can get rich quickly?
Not at all
Yes I do

Question 5/10
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How open are you with others?
Very open
Somewhat open
Not at all open

Question 6/10
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Which word best describes you?

Question 7/10
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Are you currently trying any fad diets?
Yes I am
No I'm not

Question 8/10
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Do you believe what people tell you at face value?
Yes I do
Not usually

Question 9/10
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Are you a fan of random trivia?
Yes I am
Not really
Not at all

Question 10/10
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Do you know what you want from life?
Of course I do
Not yet
No I don't

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Baby Carrots Aren't Small Carrots
You're probably apt to believe that baby carrots are just smaller carrots but that is actually a lie. Baby carrots are just pieces cut from regular carrots.

You Can't Get Rich In A Pyramid Schme
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While it may be a fun little thing to look at, it's definitely not something that's actually real. Astrology cannot predict anything even if you may think it does.

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