Can We Guess The Region You Are From?

Depending on where you are from, your accent, style of clothing and even that catch-phrases that you may use can be a giveaway to what region you’re from. Whether you're from The East coast, The West Coast or even if you're international, let us guess where you’re from by taking this quiz!

Question 1/10
How do you pronounce this sentence: Park the car in Harvard Yard?
Pahk the cah in Havahd Yahd, duh!
Park the car in Harvard Yard. How else would you pronounce it?
What car? I don’t have a car? Cars are so bad for the environment anyways.
The yard of Harvard will be where the car gets parked.
Please park the car in Harvard Yard. Thank you.

Question 2/10
Which outfit would you prefer to wear?
A bathing suit - preferably a two-piece!
Anything as long as I can wear my Ugg boots!
A t-shirt, jeans and a pair of converse is best.
As long as I’m comfortable, I’m good!
As long as it’s bedazzled, I’ll wear it.

Question 3/10
What is your favorite sport to watch?
Soccer. What kind of question is that?
Baseball! I love a home run!
Basketball, I love slam dunks!
Definitely football!
Dirt bike racing! I love the thrill!
I don't have a favorite team.

Question 4/10
What does 'pop' mean?
Soda of course!
A light explosive sound?
My father.
A yummy treat, I like to eat!
My favorite type of music!

Question 5/10
Which saying have you said before?
That’s wicked cool!
Hey Ya’ll!
That’s hella crazy!
Doncha know! I love the way you do that right thurr!
Hello mate.
None of these. I'm pretty basic!

Question 6/10
Which place would you prefer to go and eat?
Olive Garden!
Dunkin’ Donuts!
Don't make me choose!

Question 7/10
What does the word 'wicked' mean to you?
That's so cool!
It's referring to something terrible.
Any Disney villain would be wicked to me.
A play on broadway! I loved that play, you should see it!
Anything below 65 degrees would be wicked. I don't think anyone should live under those conditions. That's wicked!

Question 8/10
What’s your favorite type of food to eat?
Seafood of course!
Anything with a margarita!
Puppy chow.
Anything foreign!
Not sure! It depends on my mood.

Question 9/10
Which name would you pick, to name your child?
Apple because my baby will be sweet and magical.
Riley. Because I don't know if I'm having a boy or girl.
Sophia. My child will be a wise one.
Michael. It's simple and sounds cool.
Who knows? I'm not thinking of kids right now!

Question 10/10
What is your favorite season?
Winter time! I can finally turn off my AC and open a window.
The summer time! I love to hit up the beach.
The fall. I love to dress for the fall.
Winter, spring, summer or fall...I can handle any season. Bring it on!
The spring time! I just love the season in between winter and summer.
That's right! You’re totally a northerner and probably from the New England area! You love Dunkin’ Donuts and even a wicked cup of clam chowder once in a while. You don’t mind the winter time and may even wear a pair of shorts in the snow. If you are a free spirit and hate when people ask you to say, ‘Park the car in Harvard yard,’ then you’re a northerner!

You’re A Northerner!
You are from the midwest if you call carbonated drinks ‘pop,’ love to eat puppy chow and call your dinner a ‘hot dish.’ You are most likely well-mannered and you call your sneakers tennis shoes. You know what it means when someone says, ‘I like the way you do that right thurr’ and you love the fall. If we guessed correctly, you’re totally from the midwest!

You’re From The Midwest!
You know you’re from the west coast when you say words like ‘hella’ and ‘gnar’ and an earthquake doesn’t bother you much. You love In-N-Out and will argue someone down if they don’t! You may even be a bit of a hippie and are in love with nature. You love to surf and are all too familiar with preserving water and you probably walk everywhere. Yoga much? Of course, that too.

You’re From The West Coast!
Ya’ll are so much fun! You don’t like to wear clothes much, probably because it’s most likely 90 degrees where you live. You’ll probably break out a hat and gloves if the temp drops below 65 degrees. You love big hair and Hooters and you don’t like the Patriots much.

You’re From The Dirty South!
You most likely don’t identify with the stereotypes associated with the four regions of the US of A and that’s because you’re international! You enjoy traveling and have friends from all over the world! You’ve been to countries many people haven’t even heard of and you also have a diverse palate - so you probably don’t have a favorite food. You have the divine ability to pick up just about any accent and you probably were always the new kid on the block! You’re international!

You Are International!