What Playing Card Matches Your Character?

If playing cards could match or determine character, which card do you think would match you? Take these 10 fun questions and find out what playing card matches your character!


Question 1/10
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When it comes to a deck of cards, what suit is your favorite?

Question 2/10
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What color do you feel best represents your personality?
All colors

Question 3/10
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How important is love to you in your life?
Very important
It's the most important thing
Friendship is more important
I'm not sure
It's not important at the moment

Question 4/10
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How big of a role does spirituality or religion play in your life?
A huge role
I think about it sometimes
It's not important to me

Question 5/10
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Do you believe you have control over your own destiny?
I just live my life

Question 6/10
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What is your favorite card game?
Go fish
Gin rummy

Question 7/10
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Do you feel as if you are more of a leader or a follower?
Depends on the day

Question 8/10
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What is your favorite way to spend an afternoon?
Relaxing with a significant other
Making something with my hands
Being one with nature
Hanging out with friends

Question 9/10
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What is your favorite genre of music?

Question 10/10
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If a friend of yours is upset, how do you help them?
I tell them how to solve the problem
I lend a shoulder for them to cry on
I try to distract them by taking them out
I act as if I'm listening
I console and offer advice

Queen of Hearts
Your character matches the Queen of Hearts. This card represents beauty, magnetism, affection, and idealism. A person whose character matches this card are highly spiritual loving beings who give an infinite amount of love to those around them.

Ace of Spades
Your character matches the Ace of Spades. Individuals who match this card are introverted, sensitive, and self reflective. They often keep to themselves and keep a tight lock on their heart.

Your character matches that of the Joker card. Individuals who match this card are natural pranksters. They tend to not take life too seriously. Always looking for a good laugh, Joker's see the humor in everything.

Queen of Diamonds
Your character matches the Queen of Diamonds. Individuals who match this card are creative, smart, and philanthropic. They tend to be problem solvers and artists. People who match this card are strong and can overcome any problem with their creative know how.

Two of Hearts
Your character matches the Two of Hearts. Individuals who match this card place a high value on love and relationships. They tend to fall in love hard and fast. They create strong bonds and attachments to those they love and will do everything they can to keep those bonds strong.

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