Are You A Silent Director Or A Loud Director?

Do you know if you are a silent director or a loud director? Take these 10 questions and find out just how vocal of a director you are!

Question 1/10
If you were given an infinite budget to create a movie, what genre of movie would it be?

Question 2/10
What do you believe is more important an a movie, visual effects or an amazing script?
Visual effects
Amazing script
Both are necessary

Question 3/10
What quality makes for an amazing actor?
Emotional range
Level of fame

Question 4/10
If making a movie, how important to you is star appeal (having renowned actors)?
Very important
Somewhat important
I don't care about well known actors

Question 5/10
Is it always necessary for a good movie to be extremely long?
No it's all about telling a good story
Yes you need the extra time
I'm not sure

Question 6/10
How important is music to creating a good film?
Extremely important
It's the backbone of the film
It depends on the type of film

Question 7/10
Do you thoroughly enjoy telling stories to others?
Yes it's everything to me
Yes I love it
I do sometimes
I like interpreting stories

Question 8/10
When reading a book is it easy for you to visual scenes for a movie?
Incredibly easy
Somewhat easy
This is difficult for me

Question 9/10
Would you enjoy being famous?
I'm not in it for the fame
Some fame would be nice
I don't care either way

Question 10/10
Do you care if your movie is a box office success or is it more about creating art?
I want both
You are a silent director! Calm, cool, and collected. Your films require very little in the way of sound. As a director, you leave the acting up to the actors, having faith in their vision.

Silent Director
You are a loud director! Vocal, innovative,and visionary. Your works reflect your boundless imagination and vision. Nothing can compromise your goal or what you believe should be the end result. You are the captain of the ship and your life goes in the direction you choose.

Loud Director
You are a visionary director! You have a rich and imaginative inner life that is wrought with characters and worlds only you can create and maintain. When it comes to your directional vision, nothing can stand between you and the world you want to create for yourself.

Visionary Director
You are a quiet director! Neither loud nor silent, you are humble and quiet. You let things play out as you see fit, only interjecting if necessary. You know that sometimes you just have to let things move as they need to.

Quiet Director
You are an over the top director! You have a difficult time relinquishing control and letting the chips fall where they may. You often try to dictate how everything goes, even at the cost of creating unique art.

Over The Top Director