Are You A Traveler Or A Vacationer?

Are you the type of person who travels to get away or do you travel to experience a whole new way of life? Some of us are travelers and others vacationers. Which are you? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
When do you most like to travel?
In the summer.
In the spring.
In the autumn.
In the winter.

Question 2/10
When you plan a trip, you generally like to stay...
At a resort.
At a hotel.
At an Airbnb.

Question 3/10
Do you tend to rent a car when you go someplace new?

Question 4/10
Why do you travel?
I work hard and deserve a break.
I often feel stuck or bored in my current surroundings.
I just want to experience life.

Question 5/10
How do you budget for a trip?
I save as much as I can to get the most for my money.
I spend whatever is necessary to have a good time.
I like a mix of budget and luxury.

Question 6/10
How do you figure out where you want to go?
Based on recommendations from my friends.
I do a bit of research online.
I choose based on flight/hotel deals.

Question 7/10
How long do you like your trips to be?
4-5 days
7-10 days
A few weeks

Question 8/10
When you pack for a trip, you always bring...
Just the essentials in a carry on.
Half my closet.
Essentials and some fun outfits.

Question 9/10
When you eat in a new place, you tend to go for places...
That the locals recommend.
That are close to the hotel.
That are rated highly online.

Question 10/10
Which type of place would you most like to visit?
A museum
An aquarium
A farmer's market
You're a total traveler! When you travel, it's not to kick back and relax, but rather to immerse yourself in a new culture. You love to experience new things, try new foods, and hang out with the locals. You'd never dream of lounging when there is so much to explore!

You're a vacationer! When you go somewhere, it's to rest, relax, and hit the reset button. You can't be bothered with navigating a new place or trying to take in all the sights. To you, a trip is something that's meant to restore and revive, not keep you on the go even more.

You're both a traveler and a vacationer! To you, a trip is equal parts an opportunity to explore and relax. While you love to immerse yourself in a new place and try new things, you also love to just kick back and take it easy. After all, too much of anything is never good!

A Bit Of Both