Are You Cursed? Take This Quiz And Discover the Truth!

No one wants to feel like they're cursed, but have you ever wondered if you might be the victim of a spell or curse? It's time to find out! Answer these 10 quiz questions as truthfully as possible and find out if you might just be cursed!

Question 1/10
In a tough situation you tend to?
Run away as fast as I can.
Meet the challenge head on.
Try to solve the problem but end up failing.

Question 2/10
The third letter in your first name is what?
A,e,I,o or u
Not a,e,I,o or u
I'd prefer not to say

Question 3/10
Your favorite character in a book is usually?
The main character
The narrator
The supporting character
Psh, I don't read!

Question 4/10
Your friends want to take a camping trip in the mountains. What do you say?
Do I look like I want to get stranded or injured this weekend?
Yes, I'm always up for a good adventure.
Maybe, how far out of cell service will we be?

Question 5/10
You're extremely lost while driving in a new city and your phone is dead. What do you do?
Just keep driving, I'll figure it out.
Try to ask a local for instructions.
Bull over and cry, this always happens to me.

Question 6/10
How would you describe your best pal in one word?

Question 7/10
In five years, what do you hope changes in your life?
My luck
My marital status
My address
My bank account

Question 8/10
Which quality do you wish you had?

Question 9/10
Do you think you're more or less lucky than most?
Less lucky, whatever can go wrong will go wrong.
Average, I think I have ups and downs.
More lucky, things always seem to go my way.

Question 10/10
What's your worst fear?
Losing something I love
Well, the results are in and you seem to be a bit cursed. Does it often feel like whatever can go wrong, will go wrong? Do you tend to have more bad luck than most? Despite your best efforts to be a good person, you haven't got lady luck on your side. In fact, it seems as if someone may have put a curse on you at some point in your life! This is why it seems like nothing every really seems to go your way!

You're Cursed!
Based on the results of this quiz, you might be cursed! Though you might not be under the spell of a full on vengeful life altering curse, it does seem like you've got some bad luck on your side. Sometimes it feels like you simply can't get anything to go your way! Think back on anyone you may have slighted, they might just have of put a curse on you as revenge!

You Might Be Cursed!
The results are in and you're not cursed in the slightest! In fact, you tend to enjoy far better luck than most people you meet on a daily basis. Some might say you even lead a charmed life! While everyone has bad days, you seem to have less bad days than most. Lucky you!

You're Not Cursed!