At What Age Will Your Second Act Begin?

A second act is like a do-over! Whether it's starting an exciting new career, getting healthy, or simply doing what you've never done before; everyone deserves a second act in life! At what age will your second act begin? When will a new and exciting era begin for you? Well, with just 10 quiz questions, we can reveal the truth. Ready for your second act? Hit start!

Question 1/10
What age range do you fall into right now?

Question 2/10
When do you feel the most confident?
When I'm working.
When I'm starting a new project.
While doing my hobbies.
When taking care of others.
When I'm alone in nature.

Question 3/10
Is the job you have now the one you always thought you would have?
Yes, it's definitely my dream job!
In some ways, it's not quite what I had in mind.
Not at all, but I like it anyway.
Nope and I'd rather be doing something else.

Question 4/10
Most days, you wish you had more....

Question 5/10
Do you like to plan ahead?
Yes, I'm definitely a planner.
In some ways, but really only for work.
Only when it comes to vacations.
Planning is not my forte.
I like to live spontaneously!

Question 6/10
As a kid, what were you often self conscious about?
My clothes
Fitting in
My house
My hobbies
My intelligence

Question 7/10
Where would you be most likely to volunteer?
An animal shelter
A hospital
A library
A soup kitchen
A local park

Question 8/10
On the inside, you often feel a bit...

Question 9/10
In the mornings, you like to get started ....
As early as possible.
As late as possible.
Whenever it feels right.

Question 10/10
Which would you most like to learn?
A second language
Ballroom dancing
Pastry art
Novel writing
Flower arranging
Sometimes it is hard to know who you are and what you want until you've had a bit more life experience! At the age of 45, you'll figure out what it is you want to do with your life and switch gears. No longer will you feel afraid to embrace change and dive into the unknown!

Your Second Act Will Begin At Age 45!
By the age of 50, you'll accrue all of the wisdom you need to begin your second act in life! In your first act, you may have often fumbled at figuring out who you were or what it is you wanted to do. At 50, you'll have the confidence and strength to step outside of your comfort zone and try again. You'll be an inspiration to all!

Your Second Act Will Begin At Age 50!
Your second act will begin at age 60! It's never too late to start again or to try something new. While some people see age as a limitation, you see it as an advantage. At 60, you'll have the confidence and wisdom to begin your true and best act yet!

Your Second Act Will Begin At Age 60!
Your second act will begin at age 70! For most of your life, you let age be a hindrance to doing the things that you love to do. No more! At age 70, you'll throw caution and expectations to the wind. Whether it's learning a language, taking ballroom dancing, or traveling the world; you're going to enjoy one heck of a second act!

Your Second Act Will Begin At Age 70!
Your second act is coming at age 40! Some people feel stuck or limited by age. You see age as an advantage! After all, with age comes wisdom and true self acceptance. At 40, you'll find your inner voice and a sense of purpose. You'll follow your instincts and enjoy an amazing second act!

Your Second Act Will Begin At Age 40!