Does Your Personality Fit In With Texas Or California?

Ever wondered if your personality would fit in more with people from Texas or California? The results may shock you, so find out now!!

Question 1/10

How well do you understand American football ?
It's a lifestyle
I mostly get it
I don't understand football at all
Eh I don't even care about football

Question 2/10

If you could win one of these things free and unlimited for a full year...what would it be?
Barbeque'd meat
In N Out

Question 3/10

How would your friends rate your driving?
Very cautious
more on the defensive side but sometimes aggressive
Pretty risky

Question 4/10

What would you do if a stranger asked you for help?
Lie and make an excuse to keep walking
Ignore them completely
sigh and ask what they need help with
of course I'll help!

Question 5/10

Would you accept help from others easily?
Only if I absolutely needed it
It depends
I would rather not
No, I can do everything I need

Question 6/10

How do you feel about outside visitors?
I'd prefer to host just a few close friends/relatives
The more the merrier
Keep them out!

Question 7/10

When people start hating on you, what is your reaction?
To write songs/ rap about it
To bask in the hatred, they're just jealous
Let it motivate you
Don't care, at least they'll stay away. Don't need haters here.

Question 8/10

Do you care what others think of you?
How could I not?
Only if I care about them personally
No, I do not need to be understood

Question 9/10

Where do you eat the most?
Fast food
Nicer restaurants
Anywhere with burgers

Question 10/10

How do you give directions?
I take longer to give them than it actually takes to get there
I'm pretty decent with directions
I give them clear and concise
Uh I suck with directions, I don't even know most street names
Dude, you're a California native. You probably are more social, and like to go out with a large group of friends. Partying always sounds fun, but so does chillin' sometimes too. Although you love to eat, you probably eat a lot of fast food. Which is alright because you're probably pretty active anyway. You're good with outsiders, but you feed off the haters. "Haters make me famous" - Everyone from California

You Are Totally A Californian!

Your personality is split. You're pretty mixed when it comes to hanging out with people. Sometimes your down, and other times you'd rather stay in. Thats alright because for the most part your still pretty friendly, unless someone disses on something you consider a favorite. You might care what people think sometimes, and thats alright but never let it get you down! Let the haters hate, you're all good either way!

Somewhere In Between...

Go big or go home am I right? You love your all American food, burgers, steak, fries, you name it! Football is life and so is good ol' Uncle Sam. You're probably really friendly, and that's awesome. However, when it comes to outsiders you're probably thinking they're better off staying outside. You're pretty territorial, but despite those qualities that never stops you from being kind to others.

You Are Definitely A Texan!

Your personality does not actually fit with either of these states! Sorry if you are disappointed, but either way this just shows that you do not fit in with common stereotypes. You are completely unique, and that is awesome !!

Neither !!