How British Are You?

Can you fit in with them?

Question 1/10
Which drink sounds most appetizing to you right now?
A cup of earl grey
Some soda
None of these

Question 2/10
What would you reaction be to the hairdresser after receiving a terrible cut?
I just tell them it looks good
I politely tell them that I don't like it
I just stay quiet about it
I'm not sure

Question 3/10
How would you react to someone cutting in line?
Yell at them to get to the back
Fume silently
Politely tell them to go to the back
I just walk away

Question 4/10
You order a meal in a restaurant but it comes out cold and tasteless. What do you do?
Complain about my order and demand a new plate
I just eat it anyway
I eat it but leave half and pretend I'm full
I try to ask for a new plate but give up and eat it

Question 5/10
What would you do if you found yourself in an elevator with someone else?
Introduce yourself and stand quietly
Stand there in quietness
Have a full conversation with them
I'm not sure

Question 6/10
When was the last time you had a cup of tea?
Sometime today
A few days ago
A couple weeks ago
I can't even remember

Question 7/10
Can you tell the difference between a posh British accent and a working class British accent?
Without a doubt
If I listen long enough
Not really
Not at all

Question 8/10
You introduce yourself to someone new but didn't catch their name. How do you react?
Ask them to repeat it
Ignore them
Ask someone else what their name was
Try avoid using their name

Question 9/10
What do you think of Marmite?
Absolutely disgusting
It's alright
It's delicious

Question 10/10
When do you add milk when making tea?
Before hot water
After hot water
I don't use milk
I don't drink tea
Enjoy a cup of tea because you're as British as they come! You have a stiffer upper lip and tend to keep your thoughts to yourself. You make sure to think before you talk and you're definitely polite. You also work very hard in your career but you never put work above family.

Extremely British
You wouldn't pass as British and that could be because of your outspoken nature. You're not a very reserved person and you tend to always say what's on your mind. You're passionate and you tend to seek out adventure and companionship.

Barely British
While you may have a few traits that differ from traditional, you would definitely still pass as a British person. You tend to usually bite your tongue and only speak after thinking it through. You have a politeness about you that many people respect.

Pretty British
While you may be rather reserved compared to most people, you're also a very passionate person. When you know people well, you tend to shed off your quietness and you'll get rather boisterous and playful.

Somewhat British