How Good Is Your Memory?

Do you have trouble remembering where your keys are? How about your cell phone? We all have different levels of memory. How good do you think yours is? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1/10
How much time each day do you spend trying to recall a name or a word that is right on the tip of your tongue?
At least 15-20 minutes
A few minutes and then I take to Google
I never have that problem
It happens every now and again but not daily
I can't remember

Question 2/10
Have you ever forgotten your phone number?
Who knows their phone number?
All the time
Every now and again but only because I never call myself
Once and a while
Never I have it memorized

Question 3/10
Have you ever driven all the way to the store, only to get there and remember that you don't have your wallet?
Sadly this has happened more than once
It happened one or two times
Never ever
Not really but I can see how it could happen

Question 4/10
Do you have trouble recalling names of people you haven't seen in a few years?
All of the time
Only if we didn't know each other that well
Pretty often
I'm great with names
I never forget anyone's name

Question 5/10
Be honest, have you ever forgotten your pin number or social security number?
Yes I've spaced while paying before
No never
Only if I'm feeling anxious or stressed
Once or twice
Not really

Question 6/10
How much do you remember from your childhood?
I remember the important stuff but some details are hazy
Certain smells or sights can conjure up memories
Not much to be honest
I remember my teens but not my childhood
I remember almost everything

Question 7/10
Are you good at recalling small details from photos or articles?
I don't recall anything after I'm done looking at the photo
Mostly just colors or interesting facts
I remember anything that is strange or unique

Question 8/10
Can you remember details such as what day of the week an event occurred on?
Are you kidding me?
Not a chance
Depends on the event
Sometimes I can

Question 9/10
Are you ever late for appointments?
It's happened once or twice

Question 10/10
How long can you concentrate on a single task for?
Until i'm finished with it
30-60 minutes
15-20 minutes
I have trouble focusing period
You are the memory master! Not only do you have excellent short term memory but you have superb long term memory as well. You can recollect small details and events that others around you would've missed. Having an amazing memory is something to treasure. Value it and keep on living your full memorable life!

Memory Master
You have a magnificent memory. You have excellent short and long term memory. While you may have a minor lapse every now and again (who doesn't), your overall memory is fantastic.

Magnificent Memory
You have meandering memory. You remember some things clearly but other things can be foggy at times. Your memories are often triggered by emotional responses and smells, rather than just simply recalling events and places.

Meandering Memory
Every now and then, you have a memory lapse. This seems to occur more in your short term memory than your long term memory. You often have a difficult time recalling little things, like where your keys are, or if you turned the oven off.

Memory Lapse
While you have a myriad of fun memories and moments that you surely cherish, you often have a hard time recalling the specific details of those moments. The important thing is that you remember the stuff that truly matters, and can block out the things that don't.

Fun but Forgetful