How Handsome Is Your Partner?

Do you think that you have the best looking partner compared to others? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
When you're out and about, does your partner receive a lot of compliments?
All the time! It's crazy!
Sometimes, yes
Not really
If anything, they point, stare and run away

Question 2/10
Does he look in the mirror more than you do?
Most times, yes
Not really
He hates the mirror
Not sure

Question 3/10
Does he shop for the latest trends?
For sure
Not sure

Question 4/10
Does he get more compliments than you do?
For sure!
Not really

Question 5/10
What is his favorite thing to do?
Look in the mirror
Comb/brush his hair
Hang out with friends
Social media
None of these

Question 6/10
Do girls constantly go crazy over his looks?
All the time
I have to beat them off my man
NEVER! If anything, they look the other way

Question 7/10
What does he do in his free time?
Look in the mirror
Hang out with me
Social Media
None of these

Question 8/10
Do people often stop and ask him if he models?
All of the time
Some of the time
Not really

Question 9/10
Does he always have a brush and comb with him?
Yes, always
Not really
Not sure

Question 10/10
What does he do for work?
Works from home because people are afraid of him
None of these
You get stares when you're on on dates and you know it's because of your super good-looking partner. You wonder why you deserve to be with someone so fine! Your partner is extremely handsome!

Extemely Handsome
Your partner is handsome to many and that's no secret. He's not overly handsome but enough to wear he can get away with some things. Your partner is handsome!

Your partner is average and not overly handsome. He is normal looking but not bad-looking either. Your partner is average.

Your partner isn't that handsome but that's okay because you love him just the same. There are some things that he can do better his image but in your eyes, he's just fine.

Not Handsome
Your partner isn't easy on the eyes at all. There's a lot that he has to do to improve his image thought like get a new face and a new body! But the good news is, you can always find another partner that's way more handsome!