How Much Energy Do You Have?

Are you bounce off the wall hyper or calm and quiet?

Question 1/10
Are you excited easily?
Very easily excited
Quite easy
Depends on the day
Not really

Question 2/10
Which of these things would put you in a instant good mood?
Going to a fair
Relaxing with a good movie
Going on a trip
Doing good for someone

Question 3/10
When you get excited, how do you usually act?
I jump all over the place
I get really loud and happy
I have a smile on my face
I give a good laugh

Question 4/10
Are you a morning person?
Definitely! I love seeing the sunrise
I like it but I'm terrible at getting up in the morning
Depends on how I wake up
Not at all

Question 5/10
What do you prefer doing after a long day?
Relax in a tub
Take a nap
Hang out with great friends
Go on a jog

Question 6/10
How often would you say your in a good mood?
All day
Quite often
Whenever I get good news
I'm not sure really

Question 7/10
Favorite type of music?
Something else

Question 8/10
You learn that one of your friends are taking you on an impromptu trip. How do you react?
I scream with excitement
I laugh and dance around
I hug them
I give a smile

Question 9/10
Do you burn out easily?
Quite easily.
I get tired quite often
Not really
Not at all

Question 10/10
Do you sleep a lot?
I take at least a couple naps a day
I get a full nights sleep
If I'm not feeling restless
Not really since I like being busy
Just like a child when you give them sugar, your energy is always high. Things that easily tire people out hardly wind you out at all.

You are bounce off the wall hyper
When you learn of exciting news, you become very bubbly and end up jumping all around the place from excitement.

You are pretty hyper when excited
You're usually a calm and reserved person but on your good days, you have a pep to your step. While you may not be hyper, you have an infectious happy attitude and a smile on your face

Full of energy on good days
You are not one that gets hyper easily. If you do get excited, it is usually never shown on the outside but rather you celebrate inside your mind.

Calm and collected