Respond To These Texts And We’ll Tell You What Kind Of Parent You Are!

How you respond to these 10 texts, could reveal what kind of parent you really are! Are you ready to discover what your texts really say about you? Embark on this quiz and find out!

Question 1/10
Respond to the text: "Hey, can I ask you a question?"
"That depends on the question."
"Of course anything!"
"You're going to ask anyway aren't you?"
"I'll answer anything!"

Question 2/10
Respond to the text: "I just burned my hand!"
"You'll survive."
"Should I call life flight?"
"Ahhh how bad is it?"
"Tell me what it looks like."
"Do you need a ride to the ER?"

Question 3/10
Respond to the text: "I got an A in chemistry!"
"Why not an A+?"
"You slacker!"
"Go you!"
"I'm so proud of you, congrats!"
"Keep studying hard and you'll get more of those!"

Question 4/10
Respond to the text: "Do you want a vase from Grandma's attic? "
"What's it look like?"
"Send it my way!"
"What color is it?"
"How old it it?"
"Is it worth any money?"

Question 5/10
Respond to the text: "Watching Dr. Phil, what are you doing?"
"Not watching Dr. Phil...."
"I'm also watching Dr. Phil!"
"I can't believe you're watching Dr. Phil!"
"I'm not judging you..."
"Who watches Doctor Phil?"

Question 6/10
Respond to the text: "Cousin Tammy had her baby?"
"She finally hatched!"
"Boy or girl?"
"What's its name?"
"Great another baby..."

Question 7/10
Respond to the text: "Give a call when you get the chance."
"I'm not going to do that."
"The chance may never come."
"Okay, is now a good time?"
"Maybe, we'll see."

Question 8/10
Respond to the text: "Supposed to be hot this weekend, stay cool!"
"I'll never stay as cool as you already are!"
"You first."
"lol thanks"
"How hot?"
"I'm sure it won't be that bad"

Question 9/10
Respond to the text: "The dog misses you!"
"Aw I miss the dog!'
"No he doesn't."
"How do you know?"
"Send a pic!"

Question 10/10
Respond to the text: "Are you on your way?"
"Leaving in five"
"Totally on my way (not on my way)"
"Kind of"
"See you soon"
"You'll just have to wait and see!
Your responses to these texts prove that you're a rather permissive parent. You tend to go with the flow and judge each situation you encounter independently. You don't practice one blanket way of parenting, instead you meet every challenge as it comes with a level head and ease.

A Permissive Parent
Based on your responses to these texts, your an authoritative parent. You know one thing for sure: kids need boundaries. Without them, they feel a bit bewildered and you can easily feel overwhelmed as a parent. By giving your kids strict guidelines and rules, you're helping them to become well adjusted and self sufficient adults!

An Authoritative Parent
Based on how you responded to these texts, you're an honest parent! You don't believe that parenting should be done behind a curtain or contain loads of secrecy, instead, you promote openness, discussion, and connection. You're always open to talking with your kids rather than disciplining them first.

An Honest Parent
Based on how you respond to these texts, you're an overachieving parent! You're always going the extra mile to make your kids lives very special. Not only do you overachieve at work, but you overachieve with your children as well.

An Overachieving Parent
Based on how you respond to these texts, you're a very fun parent! You know that parenting can be hard, but you also know that it can be very rewarding if you keep some perspective and maintain a sense of humor. You've learned to laugh at the little things your kids do, rather than blowing up over meaningless things.

A Fun Parent