How Strong Is Your Emotional Radar?

Everyone has emotional radar, but some of us are more emotionally sensitive than others. Do you know just how sensitive your emotional radar really is? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
How do you feel on the night of a full moon?
The same as I feel on every other night
A bit more moody unpredictable
A little out of sorts

Question 2/10
If you wrong a friend or loved one, you tend to feel...
Terrible regret
Overwhelming guilt
Nothing at all

Question 3/10
How often do you find yourself feeling jealous or envious?
More often then I'd like to admit
Not often at all
No more often than anyone else

Question 4/10
How does confrontation make you feel?
A bit uneasy
Very nervous
Totally unaffected

Question 5/10
Can you easily read the body language of others?

Question 6/10
What's your strongest addiction?
My smartphone
Being around others

Question 7/10
Do you consider yourself to be a very curious person?

Question 8/10
People often accuse you of being....
Too standoffish
Too sensitive
Too positive
Too negative

Question 9/10
What season makes you feel the most alive?

Question 10/10
Do others tend to tell you everything, even strangers?
Based on the results of this quiz, your emotional radar is extremely sensitive! In fact, sometimes you worry that you feel too much about people and situations that you shouldn't really care for at all. You're very empathetic, compassionate, and emotionally in tune.

Extremely Strong
Based on the results of this quiz, your emotional radar is much stronger than most! While the average person can empathize or feel the pain of others, you feel it so deeply it's as if you are in that person's shoes. Your emotional radar is truly off the charts.

Stronger Than Most
Based on your quiz results, your emotional radar is very strong! While you might not hold the greatest amount of empathy and compassion, your ability to pick up on the thoughts and emotions of others is way higher than average. You're truly in tune with how others feel.

Very Strong
Based on the results of this quiz, your emotional radar is somewhat strong! While you may not possess the greatest deal of insight into the emotions of others, you are highly capable of picking up on body language and small ticks that can reveal a person's emotions.

Somewhat Strong
Based on the results of this quiz, your emotional radar is not very strong. While you can express empathy and compassion when someone is pouring their soul out to you, it's difficult for you to pick up on those emotions on your own accord.

Not Very Strong