How Would You Rate The First Days Of 2017?

2016 was a crazy year, but it is over now. 2017 has just started, but it's sure to have made an impression on some people. How would you rate the first few days of 2017? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
Did you go to a New Year's party?
I hosted a New Year's party

Question 2/10
Did you get a New Year's kiss with your crush?
No, but I did kiss someone who I don't like

Question 3/10
Who have you spent the most time with in 2017?
My friends
My family
My partner
No one

Question 4/10
Have any of your favorite celebrities died this year?
Someone I actually know has died

Question 5/10
Are you optimisitc about what 2017 has in store for you?
I don't know

Question 6/10
Do you still have your holiday decorations up?
I never put any decorations up

Question 7/10
Have you spent more time at work or home this year?
Neither, I've been partying!

Question 8/10
Have you gotten any headaches yet this year?
Just small ones

Question 9/10
What has the weather been like so far?
Snowy and cold
Hot and sunny
Cloudy and average temperature

Question 10/10
Are you willing to work hard to make 2017 better than 2016?
I won't need to work hard to make it better. 2016 stinks!
You would rate the first days of 2017 with a 5-star rating. This year has been as great as it possibly could have been for you. Keep doing what you are doing, and things are sure to keep being great this year!

5 Stars
You would give this year a 4-star rating. So far, it hasn't been as great as it could have been, but it was still pretty good. If you work hard, you could be able to make this year even better!

4 Stars
This year hasn't been great, but it hasn't been bad, either. So far, this has just been an average year for you. It is up to you whether or not this year becomes better, worse, or just stays average.

3 Stars
So far, this year hasn't been all that impressive to you. It's actually not been very good at all. It is up to you to make this year better. If you put a little effort into it, 2017 can be better than 2016.

2 Stars
You would give this year a one-star rating, which is as low as it gets. On the bright side, this year can't get much worse for you. You can work to make this year even better, which shouldn't be hard. Good luck!

1 Star