How Would You Summarize 2016?

2016 has been a crazy year for some, a year of changes for others, and a year of many other things for many other people. The real question is, what does 2016 mean to you, and how would you summarize it? Can't find the words to explain how to summarize 2016? Take this quiz to find out instead!

Question 1/10
Where did you spend most of 2016?
At home
At school/work
With friends
Out and about the town

Question 2/10
Did you have many big changes in 2016?
I didn't, but the rest of the world did

Question 3/10
How often did you cry in 2016?
Less than once a month

Question 4/10
How weird is 2016 compared to other years?
Super weird
Just as weird as other years
Not that weird

Question 5/10
You've gotten promoted at work! How does this compare to your other accomplishes this year?
Being promoted would be my biggest accomplishment
I have actually been promoted/done something similar to being promoted this year
Being promoted is nothing compared to what I have actually done this year

Question 6/10
You get a chance to go back to the beginning of 2016 to relive the whole year exactly as it was. What do you do?
I go back
I go back, but I would try to change some things
I wouldn't go back

Question 7/10
What emotion did you feel the most in 2016?

Question 8/10
How often did you go on the Internet in 2016?
All of the time
Some of the time
Hardly ever

Question 9/10
Did 2016 go by quickly or slowly for you?
Somewhere in the middle

Question 10/10
Will you remember 2016 fondly?
I don't know
2016 has been an exciting year for you! You have done so many fun and crazy things that you wouldn't even know where to start when it came down to summarizing this year. A picture is worth 1000 words, but the ones you took this year of all of the great things you did are worth 2016.

2016 Is Exciting
2016 has been a year of many changes. So many new things have come and gone that you may not even know how to explain it all. More changes are sure to come as 2016 ends and new years pass on by. Just hope that you can keep up!

2016 Has Seen Many Changes
2016 was a hard year for many people, you being one of them. Hopefully the upcoming years will be better for you and for everyone who agrees with your opinion. The only thing you can do is try to improve your own situation first, and help others after that. You could be the one who makes 2017 great.

2016 Was Sad
2016 is strange, that's one of the most perfect ways to explain it. So many crazy things have happened in 2016 that it's no wonde r that you are having a hard time explaining it. This year has been a bundle of confusion. The best way to summarize it: ???

2016 Is Strange
The best way for you to summarize 2016 is to say, "2016 is my year!" This year has been great for you, and you should be able to let everyone else know it. If you keep doing what you are doing, improving yourself bit by bit, and keep living life in a great way, then the coming years are sure to be even better!

2016 Is My Year