Is Your Personality More 1950, 1970, or 1990?

Some of us fit right into the modern day, but most of us align with one of three years: 1950, 1970 or 1990! Which of these three years in time is your personality most like? Do you need to take a trip back in time to feel like your true self? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
What type of music do you like best?
Classic rock
The blues
I like pretty much everything

Question 2/10
What is your biggest fear?
Feeling irrelevant
Climate change
Bad politicians
Something else

Question 3/10
Do you prefer to show some skin or cover up?
A little modesty never hurt anyone!
The more skin the better.
It depends on how I feel about myself that day.

Question 4/10
Choose a rainy day activity:
Listening to music.
Surfing the web.
Working on a project.
Reading a book.

Question 5/10
How do you celebrate your birthday?
I have some friends and family over for cake.
I throw a big party.
I go out on the town.

Question 6/10
Which one of these words best describes you?
Free spirited

Question 7/10
Which of the following upsets you the most?
Slow internet
People not recyclling
Losing our traditions

Question 8/10
Where is the ideal place for you to go on a date?
The movies
The mall
The beach
My house

Question 9/10
How do you like to keep in touch with your friends?
I like to give them a ring.
We text or chat online.
I send a nice letter or card.

Question 10/10
Everyone’s got a vice — what’s yours?
Junk food
Your personality is more 1950! It probably won't come as a surprise to you that you're a total old soul. You just like to do things the old fashioned way. Whether it's your approach to style or love, you definitely do things the way they were done back in the 50s. You have an innocence and warmth that hasn't been since in decades since!

You're most like 1970! A fun loving and adventurous soul, you're all about having a good time. Open-minded and creative, you don't just see the world for what it is but for what it could be. You don't think too deeply about things out of your control and tend to take life as it comes your way.

Your personality is more 1990! Deep, complex and just a little bit angst-ridden. You can spend hours just listening to your favorite bands and thinking about the universe. While you love bright colors and fun style, you also have a dark side that sees what's wrong with the world. You're not afraid to deep dive into your own soul or the world's problems.