Which Of The Seven Sins Controls You?

We're all guilty of sinning every now and then, but which of the seven sins controls your life? Do you fall victim to gluttony? Perhaps, you're pride is getting in the way. Let's find out which sin is really controlling you!

Question 1/10
The new year is almost here — what’s your resolution?
Going on a diet.
Stop comparing myself to others.
Be less impulsive.
Spend less money.
Think before I leap.

Question 2/10
You’ve just had a really crappy day at work. How do you cope?
Taking a long drive.
Heading straight to bed.
Eating my feelings.
A long hot shower.
Doing some shopping.

Question 3/10
You owe a friend 5$. What do you do?
Pay them back right away.
Keep pretending I forget.
Buy them something that costs $5.00.
Forget about it, what's $5?
I don't ever ask to borrow money.

Question 4/10
What social media are you totally obsessed with?
None of these

Question 5/10
What's your morning drink of choice?

Question 6/10
Congratulations, you’ve just won an unlimited supply of your favorite food, and you can order it every week! How much do you get?
A little more than I need, sharing is caring.
As much as my body can handle.
Just a bit for the week.
As much as they'll allow.

Question 7/10
What vice are you most likely to indulge in?
Junk food
Sleeping in

Question 8/10
When meeting someone new, you’re typically…
A little distant
Warm and talkative
Charismatic and friendly
Calm and cool
Anxious and bothered

Question 9/10
When someone gives you a compliment, how are you most likely to react?
I'm not surprised, I'm pretty fabulous
Get really embarassed
Brush it off and compliment them
Ask for more details
Make a joke of it

Question 10/10
Which of these despicable acts have you committed?
Eating the last slice of pizza.
Gossiping about a friend.
Forgetting your best friend's birthday.
Not leaving a tip.
Standing up a date.
Right now, the sin that controls your life is greed! To you- having lots of stuff is pretty much everything. Whether it is the latest gadgets, the hottest clothes, or the most money, there’s nothing you won’t do to accumulate more and more stuff. In a materialistic world, you have bought into the idea that having the best makes you the best.

Right now, the sin that controls your life is pride! Though you are a confident and intelligent person, you often don’t use your powers for good. You take a very logical and analytical approach to problems and relationships, which can leave a bit to be desired in both areas. You can easily get caught up in your own success and keeping up appearances. Sometimes, it's hard for you to accept those who you don’t believe are on your “level,” making it hard for you to connect.

Right now the sin that controls your life is envy! In a digital world where you can see what everyone else is doing and what they have, it's easy to be envious. While a bit of jealousy is normal, your life tends to revolve around the lives of others. You just can’t help but fall victim to envy and comparing yourself to those around you. Sometimes, it can even keep you from forging relationships out of pure jealousy. Remember, comparison is the thief of true joy.

Right now, the sin that controls your life is lust! You’ve always been a deeply charismatic person who longs to be the center of attention. You have a deep zest for life and love, often going after new relationships for the chase and that initial passion. When you enter into a relationship it is intense and all consuming. Sometimes you can even lose touch with who you are. Your impulsive nature can make it difficult to maintain a true moral high ground.

Right now, the sin that controls your life is sloth! Hey, we get it. Life is tough. It's much easier to stay in bed sometimes than to face the day. Unfortunately, sloth has overtaken your life. Not only is it difficult for you to keep commitments and stay on time for appointments, but it's hard for you to even get out of bed and do more than the bare minimum. REmember, the more you give i life the more you get!