Were You Spoiled As A Kid Growing Up?

Can we guess whether or not you were spoiled growing up as a kid? Ready to find out just how revealing your answers and habits really are? To the quiz!

Question 1/10
How many framed photos of you were displayed prominently in the house?
At least a dozen
A handful
Maybe one or two

Question 2/10
How many gifts did you receive on Christmas morning?
A handful
Over 12
One or two nice gifts

Question 3/10
Did your birthday celebrations last longer than a day?

Question 4/10
Did you get handmade Halloween costumes?
Every year.
Some years.

Question 5/10
Did you receive an allowance that went up every year?
For a little while

Question 6/10
Did your parents buy you a car when you turned 16?
Yes, a shiny new car of my choice!
Yeah, but it was kind of a beater.
No, I had to buy my own car.

Question 7/10
Did your books come from a bookstore or a library?
A library
A bookstore
A mix of both

Question 8/10
Did you get new wardrobe every season and school year?

Question 9/10
Where did your birthday cake come from?
My parents made it.
They had it custom made at a bakery.
One of my relatives brought it.

Question 10/10
Did you have your own TV, computer, or radio in your bedroom?
I had one of these things
I had two of these things
I had all three
I didn't have any
Based on the results of this quiz, you were definitely spoiled as a kid! Your parents loved to shower you with gifts, affection, and attention. They just couldn't help but give you the world and make sure that you knew exactly how much you were loved. You never really had to lift a finger as a kid, which made your childhood pretty idyllic!

You Were Definitely Spoiled As A Kid!
Based on the results of this quiz, you were kind of spoiled as a kid! While you didn't get everything you wanted, you certainly weren't left wanting for much. Your parent's loved to gift you toys, attention, and time. They also granted you quite a bit of leeway when it came to chores and working around the house. You were a good kid who didn't cause a lot of trouble, in turn, your parents gave you most of what you wanted!

You Were Kind Of Spoiled As A Kid!
Based on the results of this quiz, you were not at all spoiled as a kid! While your parents were often very kind, you had to earn what you got in life. You weren't handed every toy, given an allowance, or allowed to lounge around. You had chores to finish, grades to keep up, and parents to please. You know the value of a dollar and you certainly know what it means to work hard!

You Were Not Spoiled As A Kid!