What Is Your Erotic Astrology Sign?

Forget the astrology sign that represents you in everyday life- this is the sign that represents you behind closed doors. When you're getting busy or pursuing a mate, which astrology sign are you? Everyone has en erotic astrology sign, but which one is yours? Answer each question honestly and we'll reveal your true sign today!

Question 1/10
What's the best way to start out a romantic evening?
With a nice candleit dinner.
With a romantic massage.
With a good movie.
With lots of flirting.
A bit of alcohol.

Question 2/10
Do you find that you feel a bit friskier when it is a full moon?
Yes, I have noticed that.
In some ways, yes!
If I am, I've never noticed.
No, not at all.

Question 3/10
On a scale from one to 10, how important is foreplay?

Question 4/10
You need to meet someone for a quick hook up. Where do you turn?
I'd head to a bar.
Somewhere on the internet.
A mutual friend.
I don't do hookups.

Question 5/10
Have you ever slept with someone on the first date?
Sure, pretty much every time!
I do it all the time.
Not in a long time.
Maybe once or twice.

Question 6/10
What would you do when trying to get your partner in the mood?
Perform a strip tease.
Eat something seductively.
Play a sexy game.
Put on an erotic movie.
Say dirty things.

Question 7/10
Your partner wants to bring food into the bedroom. Which do you choose?
Whipped cream
Caramel sauce

Question 8/10
Does biting have any place in your foreplay?
For sure!
Anything is possible!
It might be.
Every now and then.

Question 9/10
Have you ever written an erotic poem for someone?
Do people still write poems?
Sure, I love to say how I feel.
If I had the time.
Not a chance.

Question 10/10
What's the best Valentine's Day gift?
A night out.
Chocolate covered strawberries.
A romantic getaway.
A night on the couch together.
Your erotic zodiac sign is Gemini! You’re someone who needs to connect with another person in a very pure and meaningful way. This is why you’re big on communication. Whether its making your needs clear or some sweet pillow talk, you like to express yourself out loud and in the sheets.

Your erotic zodiac sign is Pisces! When it comes to matters of physical intimacy, you’re a total giver. You love to seduce your partner in a way that ensures they never forget the experience. You’re romantic and passionate, putting everything you have into a night of connection and romance. You like to meld your romantic nature with your sexuality, making you the total package.

Your erotic zodiac sign is Sagittarius! You’re not a big fan of tradition when it comes to the bedroom. Instead, you’re all about adventure and spontaneity! Your partner never knows what they’re going to get behind closed doors. You’re very open to trying new things, playing games, and bringing lots of fun to the mix!

Your erotic zodiac sign is Capricorn! When it comes to sexy times, you’re all about focusing on the “time” part. You’re not a big fan of quick flings or one night stands. Instead, you bring the romance, always taking the time to set the mood and investing as much of yourself as you can. To you, time should be its own love language.

Your erotic zodiac sign is Leo! You’re all about passion and living in the moment. Sexy times are all about adventure, pleasure, and energy. You take the lead whenever possible and crave a partner who is willing to come along for the ride. You’re full of good ideas, all of which you try to bring to life behind closed doors!