What Do You Need To Change In Your Life?

Everyone's life could use a little change, but sometimes it can be hard to know what you need to change in your life to make it better. Luckily, this quiz has all of the answers, and all you need to do is answer ten simple questions to get them. What are you waiting for? Take this quiz now!

Question 1/10
How great would you rate your life out of five stars?
Five stars
Four stars
Three stars
Two stars
One star

Question 2/10
Who do you like to spend your time with the most?
My partner
My friends
My family

Question 3/10
You get a new assignment at work. How do you feel?
I do not have a job

Question 4/10
It's a Friday night. What are the chances that your friends will invite you out?
High, I almost always go out on the weekend
Average, sometimes I go out and sometimes I don't
Low, my friends never invite me anywhere
Low, but that's because I'm the one who always invites out my friends

Question 5/10
How messy is your bedroom?
It is clean
It is a little messy
It is very messy

Question 6/10
Are you in a romantic relationship right now?
Yes, and I love it
Yes, but I don't like it
No, but I want to be in one
No, and I don't want to be in one

Question 7/10
When was the last time you tried something new?
This week
This month
This year
More than a year ago

Question 8/10
You are at work/school. How focused are you?
I am almost always focused
I am almost always distracted
It depends on what I am working on/which class I am in

Question 9/10
Which of these words best describe your social life?

Question 10/10
You've won a contest, and you get to pick a prize! Out of these things, what would you pick?
A hot date with my favorite celebrity
An all-expense paid vacation
Maid service
You need to change up your love life to make your life better. By the answers you gave on this quiz, it seems like you are unhappy about the way that your romantic life is going. This could be because your partner is a bore or because you have no partner and you wish more than anything to have one. All you have to do is flirt a little, wink a little, and put yourself out there to make your dream come true!

Your Love Life
You need to change your job if you want to be happier. By the answers you gave on this quiz, it sounds like you are unhappy with your job, or the lack of a job. Now could be a good time to ask for a promotion or a new task at your current job to change things up, to look for a new job, or to try to turn one of your passions into a job. The possibilities are endless!

Your Job
Your social life is not all that it could be, at least, that's what your answers on this quiz seem to be saying. It's time for you to get out more and hang out with your friends. You know, making the first call or sending the first text can make strides in your relationships with your friends. Who knows? By going out more you could even meet some new friends!

Your Social Life
There is not much that seems to be troubling you in life, at least, not when looking at your quiz answers. One way to make your life better without changing any of the great things you are already doing is to add some more hobbies to your life! Trying out sports, crafting, or playing music can be great ways of making your life more fun. Who knows? It might even be able to open doors for you in the future.

Your Hobbies
If there is one thing that your answers on this quiz shows, it is that you have a hard time paying attention and an even harder time organizing the important things in your life. By learning how to make your life more organized, you can make your life a lot easier, and a lot more fun. Buy a planner and start organizing your life asap!

Your Organizational Skills