What Is Your 1960s Date Style?

The women of the 1960s had a style and a charm that few decades since have possessed. Do you know what your 1960s date style really is? Take these 10 questions and take a trip back in time!

Question 1/10
Which nail color are you most likely to rock daily?
Pale pink
LIght green
I don't wear nail polish

Question 2/10
Which music genre always makes you feel happy?

Question 3/10
Would you ever get a tattoo?

Question 4/10
Which accessory are you most likely to rock?
A floppy hat
A headband
An ascot
A barette

Question 5/10
Which pattern speaks to you?
Polka dots
Zig zags

Question 6/10
What do you look for in the person you're dating?
Ambition and rive
Romance and sensitivity
Humor and intelligence
A big wallet and a nice car
Kindness and patience

Question 7/10
Where would your ideal first date take place?
A drive in movie
A fancy restaurant
In the park
At the bar
At a bowling alley

Question 8/10
What's your style philosophy ?
Less is more
More is more
Color is everything
Mix and match
Embrace trends

Question 9/10
What do people compliment you on the most?
My eyes
My hair
My style
My intelligence
My kindness

Question 10/10
Which city would you most like to vacation in?
New York
Los Angeles
Your 1960s date style is a blouse and a mini skirt! You're the flirt to end all flirts and you love to use fashion to drive any potential mate totally wild. Sure, using your legs as a weapon of love may seem dangerous, but it almost always pays off!

A Blouse And A Mini Skirt
Your 1960s date style is an a-line mini dress! You love to look trendy and fashion forward when going on a date. Not only does it allow you to feel and look confident, but it shows just how together you have your life. Your date will never wonder who you are or where you're going in life!

A-line Mini Dress
Your 1960s date style is capris and a crop top! While some girls like to wow their potential partners by showing skin, you wow them with your personality and passion. This outfit shows how trendy and fashion forward you are, without compromising your values. Now you can focus on showcasing what really makes you beautiful: your soul!

Capris And A Crop Top
Your 1960s date style is a flowing maxi-dress! You don't need to show a lot of skin to wow your potential partner! Instead, you use your wit, wisdom, and brains. Not only does this dress allow you to be comfortable, but it reflects your easy going personality and appraoch to life.

A Flowing Maxi Dress
Your 1960s date style is jeans and a sweater! You're not fussy in the slightest, instead, you want to wear an outfit that allows you to be ready for anything and everything. Your date will love your adventurous and easy going nature!

Jeans And A Sweater