What Job Is Designed For You?

What would be the perfect job for you?

Question 1/10
Do you want to be in charge of others?

Question 2/10
What do you do when someone comes to you with a problem?
Sit down and talk it through with them
Help come up with a solution
Tell them to speak to someone else
Try to comfort them
I'm not sure

Question 3/10
What is something you couldn't deal with in a job?
Seeing blood
Sitting for hours
Too much physical activity
Talking about difficult situations

Question 4/10
Where would you like your job to take place?
At home
In a studio
In a restaurant
In a hospital

Question 5/10
What would your current boss say about you?
Has potential

Question 6/10
What's the most important in a workplace?

Question 7/10
Do you prefer teamwork or working alone?
Working alone
A bit of both

Question 8/10
What do you want most out of your job?
To help others
To create art
To inspire

Question 9/10
What kind of boss do you prefer?
I'd prefer to be my own
Passionate and charismatic
Laid back and hands off
Hands on and attentive
I'm not sure

Question 10/10
Do you care about other's success or just yours?
I care for other's success
Just mine
With your creative and imaginative mind, no job would be better suited for you than a writer. You'd have plenty of time to create amazing world and characters from your imagination. You can mold the world how you want and let your creativity shine through.

You have a love for food and that's why a chef is what you're destined for. You have taste buds that can pick apart even the most mildest of spices. You have a love for food, especially exquisite food. Nothing would make you happier than creating food for others to love.

You love helping people and that's why being a doctor is well suited for you. You're a caring person who loves to nurture the people around you. You want to be able to help the people who feel sick. Nothing would make you happier than seeing those sick people become happy and healthy.

A ballerina would be best suited for you and your dancing ways. You have a gift to be able to feel the rhythm and soul of the music. You find great pleasure in creating art that goes along with music. You have a passion for dancing running through your blood.

You have a passion for helping others with their problems and that's why a therapist is suited for you. You're a caring person who has no issue listening to the problems of others around you. You want to be able to help people overcome the problems that haunt them.