What Job Would You Have In A Restaurant Kitchen?

Restaurant kitchens aren't made for everyone! Only the best can survive in this hectic environment. If you were to hold a job in a restaurant kitchen, which would it be? Are you capable of being the head chef? Maybe washing dishes is more your speed. Let's find your perfect fit today!

Question 1/10
You're hosting a dinner party at home. Which appetizer do you present first?
Hummus and pita
Charcuterie board
Cheeseburger sliders
Shrimp in puffed pastry

Question 2/10
At that same dinner party, which dish would you serve up next?
Chicken cordon bleu
Beef wellington
Tofu salad
Glazed salmon
Chicken picatta

Question 3/10
Which dessert do you most want to master?
Creme brulee
Apple pie
Molten lava cake
Chocolate chip cookies

Question 4/10
Which food are you best at cooking up from scratch?
Pasta, any kind.
Chicken pot pie.
Scrambled eggs.

Question 5/10
Which spice do you like to use the most?
Black pepper
Whole grain mustard

Question 6/10
Choose something sweet to add to your desserts:
Salted caramel sauce
Dark chocolate
Maple syrup

Question 7/10
What's your favorite savory snack?
Instant noodles
Salted nuts

Question 8/10
How do you typically take your coffee?
With cream and sugar
With just cream
With just sugar
Something else

Question 9/10
What type of food do you usually order in?

Question 10/10
Choose a celebrity chef:
Ina Gartner
Bobby Flay
Guy Fieri
Gordon Ramsay
Nigella Lawson
In a restaurant kitchen, you would run the show as the executive chef. Not only do you have vision and talent, but you've got the temperament of an executive chef. A bit fiery and just a tad intimidating, you know how to kick your staff into action and prepare a truly killer dining experience.

Executive Chef
In a restaurant kitchen, you would be a saucier! Bet you didn't know there could be someone whose entire job is just to make sauces, did you? Well, saucier's are very important. With finesse, care, and talent, they craft the sauces that bring dishes to life. With your exquisite taste and attention for detail, you'd make a fine saucier in a kitchen.

You would be a dish washer in a restaurant kitchen! Let's face it, restaurant kitchens are hectic and pretty darn stressful. You're someone who doesn't like a lot of stress or care for a hectic environment, which means you'd want to avoid pressure at all costs. As a dish washer, your biggest responsibility would be cleaning up some dishes. Not too shabby.

Dish Washer
In a restaurant kitchen, you would be the sous chef! You'd excel at being second in command. Running the kitchen and supporting the head chef would be a breeze for a detail oriented person like you. Always prepared, on time, and able to think on your feet, what a great sous chef you would make!

Sous Chef
In a restaurant kitchen, you would work prepping desserts. Creative and brilliant with design, plating desserts and giving them that extra dash of whimsy would be a breeze. You'd put on the perfect chocolate drizzle, dust just the right amount of powdered sugar, and give every dessert a special touch.

Dessert Prep