What Kind Of Female Are You?

All females are strong and beautiful but what type are you?

Question 1/10
How do you feel about your job?
It's my life
I'm pretty happy with it
It's just a job
I don't care for it

Question 2/10
Would you consider yourself outgoing?
Not at all
Yes I am

Question 3/10
Which do you dream of doing?
Getting married
Having a family
Succeeding in my career
Reaching my dreams

Question 4/10
What do you plan after having kids?
Going back to work
Staying home with them
I'd follow my dreams still
I'm not sure I want kids

Question 5/10
How do you feel about relationships?
I love them
I don't have time for them
I don't mind being in one
I hate them

Question 6/10
Do you consider yourself artistic at all?
No I don't
I do somewhat

Question 7/10
How would you fight injustice?
Express my feelings through art
Change it with love and kindness
Educate people
With the law
Lead a protest

Question 8/10
Where would you prefer to live?
The suburbs
The city
The country

Question 9/10
Which word best describes you?

Question 10/10
Which do you consider yourself?
You have a fierce loyalty about you and you'll protect those around you with everything in your power. You're a joyful but what makes you extremely happy is being surrounded by your loved ones. They're incredibly important to you and you'll do anything to make sure they're happy.

The Mothering Type
When you love someone or something, you love with your whole heart and soul. You're incredibly emotional and passionate and you use that to fuel your passion for love. You love the feeling of falling in love someone and you're always on the lookout for your soulmate.

Passionate Lover
When you truly want something, you keep fighting for it until you get it. No obstacle will stand in your way of your goals and you'll fight anything in your way. No matter if the road is easy or tough, you'll fight your way through it.

The Over-Achiever
Your career is extremely important to your life and you'll do anything to make sure you succeed. You have high aspirations and tend to reach for the stars. Your career is very important to your life especially because it's where you've met many amazing people and opportunities.

Business Woman
You have a creative soul that is just yearning to be free. You view the world through imaginative eyes and that's where you tend to draw your inspiration from. Whether you're feeling upset or happy, you express your emotions through your art.

The Artist