What Kind Of Mom Are You On Christmas?

Christmas might be one of the most wonderful times of the year, but for Moms, it's also one of the craziest! Do you know what kind of Mom you turn into during the holiday season? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1/10
How many kids do you have?
Five or more

Question 2/10
When do you start your Christmas shopping?
It varies

Question 3/10
Be honest, when you hear that first Christmas song, your heart is filled with....

Question 4/10
When you start seeing Christmas commercials, you think...
"Here we go again."
"My favorite time of year!"

Question 5/10
Who helps you do the shopping?
That's funny that you think I have help!
My spouse or partner.
My parents.
It's a whole family affair!

Question 6/10
What's the hardest part of the holidays?
Sticking to a budget
Decorating the house
Keeping everything magical
Doing a million things at once
Hosting family

Question 7/10
What's your signature cookie?
Chocolate chip
I can do them all!

Question 8/10
Who decorates the tree?
I do
My kids
The whole family
My spouse or partner
I hire a decorator

Question 9/10
What's your Christmas mantra?
I've got this!
It's only one month!
I love Christmas!
How did I let this happen again?
It's all under control.

Question 10/10
What's your Christmas vice?
Hallmark movies
Red wine
Egg nog
Adult hot chocolate
On Christmas, you're the organized Mom that everyone envies! Christmas shopping two weeks before the big day? No way, you've been done since October. You plan out every aspect of your shopping, tasks, and plans long before December even hits. You're thrifty, clever, and totally creative. We bow down to you organized Mom!

The Organized Mom
You're the last minute maven. For you, Christmas is often a time of organized chaos! Somehow, it always feels like there's not enough time. No amount of planning can seem to pull together a Christmas that doesn't involve a semi- panic attack the week before the big day. You spend the time leading up to Christmas trying to decorate, bake, wrap presents, buy presents, and make sure your house doesn't look like an atom bomb just went off. Worry not, you always pull it out in the end!

The Last Minute Maven
You're a total over buyer at Christmas! Once that Christmas spirit is coursing through your veins, you just can't help but buy like your life depends on it. You love scouring for the perfect gifts, sifting through ads, and using your thrifty way with coupons to get the best gifts for your family and friends. Not only do you love to give more than receive, but you love to spend the Christmas season spoiling your loved ones rotten.

The Over Buyer
At Christmas, you're the mom with an infectious spirit! Your passion for the season makes Christmas magical for your kids and everyone you encounter. You're all about baking cookies, putting up the tree in November, and gazing at the beautiful lights. All of which still thrills you like it did when you were young! Christmas is your favorite time of year, even if it involves trying a new recipe at 3 am on Christmas morning only to wake up a few hours later to don a special Christmas outfit and spread good cheer.

The Infectious Spirit Mom
At Christmas, you're the type who is constantly telling others that you have it "all under control!" You're a serious multi-tasker who isn't afraid of taking on a million things at once. Sure, Christmas can get hectic and sometimes you feel like there's no way it's all going to work, but somehow you always pull it out in the end. Remember to take some time for yourself this Christmas!

The "It's All Under Control" Mom