What Would Be Your First Question After Arriving In Hell?

No one wants to spend their eternity in hell, but sometimes things take a turn for the worse! Do you know what your first question would be after arriving in hell? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
Are you a very religious person?

Question 2/10
Do you think before you act?

Question 3/10
The most important thing in life is....
To not get caught
To always do the right thing
To treat others the way you want to be treated
To have fun

Question 4/10
How would friends describe you in one word?

Question 5/10
Have you ever hurt someone without feeling bad about it?
I can/t remember

Question 6/10
Are you a lone wolf or a social butterfly?
Lone wolf
Social butterfly
It depends on the day

Question 7/10
Would you offer to help an old person cross the street?
Of course
Probably not
I'd consider it

Question 8/10
Be honest, do you think you're a good person?
I think i'm a fairly good person
I'm an alright person
Okay..I've made a few mistakes

Question 9/10
Have you ever stolen anything?
Maybe once as a kid
I don't recall stealing
I steal fairly often

Question 10/10
Are you quick to judge others?
Your first question after arriving in hell would be, "Can I explain?" Sure, you may have made some mistakes in life but in your opinion you didn't do anything to deserve hell. Now it's time for you to try and explain yourself out of of this fiery afterlife.

"Can I Explain!?"
The first question you would ask after arriving in hell would be, "How did I end up in hell?" Odds are you have an inkling as to why and how you ended up in the underworld, but that's not going to stop you from getting the answer you feel you deserve!

"How Did I End Up In Hell?"
The first question you would ask after arriving in hell is, "Is this a permanent thing?" Hell might seem pretty permanent, but for all you know, there might be a way out. Given your curiosity and need to analyze, you're going to find a loophole somehow.

"Is This A Permanent Thing?"
The first question you're going to ask is, "How hot does it actually get here?" You've accepted the fact that you're in hell, now you want to know just how hellish hot hell really is. Your first question is a practical one regarding the temperature. We think the answer is: really hot.

"How Hot Does It Actually Get Here?"
The first question you're going to ask after arriving in hell is, "Don't you know who I am?" Obviously if you're in hell, the devil knows who you are and what you did. But up on earth, your prominence was known for getting you out of a lot of sticky situations. Why not try your luck in the underworld as well?

"Don't You Know Who I Am?"